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Only just a few years ago, there were only a handful of desktop 3D printers that came up in 3D printing-related conversations.  Today - thanks in no small part to crowdfunding - there are dozens of 3D printer options of all shapes and sizes available at a range of price points.  Whether you’re an engineer who is looking for high resolution prints such as those from an SLA 3D printer or simply just want to get your feet wet with 3D printing with an open source RepRap 3D printer, the options are seemingly boundless.

It’s because of this increase in options that we’ve started to see a variety of buying guides and market reports pop up over the past couple of years that not only help buyers determine what other people are buying, but also illustrate where those who care about 3D printing are spending their money and their time.  Among other influencers of consumer spending habits includes where they purchase their products - and Amazon, Best Buy and Walmart are among the top-sellers when it comes to home appliances.  

JeeQ Data, a cloud-based online service that enables users to track product sales from major online retailers including, and, recently opened up their platform to track 3D printer purchases in an effort to help manufacturers, wholesalers, suppliers, retailers, and sales and marketing researchers obtain and analyze sales data about their products, their competitor's products, and selected business categories.  Founded by former Microsoft and Amazon employees, the platform brings many years’ experience in internet search, online shopping, data analysis, and online business development.

In a sample report that they shared with 3Ders, a closer look at the best selling 3D printers on over the month of April revealed that XYZ Printing claimed a staggering 32% ownership of all 3D printer purchases while 3D printing giant MakerBot trailed at 18%, followed by RoBo 3D, 3D Systems and 3Doodler, respectively.  

Latest Top 10 Best selling 3D Printers at (up to 5/11/2015)

However in a separate report on Best Selling 3D Printer ranks, the Cube from 3D systems doesn’t trail too far behind - probably thanks in no small part to its sub-$1,000 price tag and user-friendly features.  In comparison, the da Vinci 3D printer from XYZ is also sub-$1,000, however it trades many of the user friendly features seen included with the Cube for increased functionality including a built-in 3D scanner option.  

While the 3D printer market will continue to ebb and flow as more options come out on a seemingly weekly basis, tools such as the visualizer from JeeQ Data will help consumers and industry analysts alike keep track of not just what 3D printers people are buying, but perhaps also...why they’re buying them.

Interested users can sign up for their own account by heading over to JeeQ Data.   

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Billy Zelsnack wrote at 5/14/2015 6:06:10 PM:

Why is Printrbot not in the data?

Bacon Crispies wrote at 5/14/2015 5:15:05 PM:

What about Printrbot? Last year at Maker Fair, it was all anyone had demoing...

Tobi wrote at 5/13/2015 9:43:12 PM:

Why do they list 3Doodler under 3D printer sales. It's like listing Dremel in CNC Mill sales^^

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