May 13, 2015 | By Simon

When it comes to some of the more unusual 3D printer offerings we’ve seen, Kickstarter has time and time again been the go-to for hardware developers to launch their disruptive new products.  

Previously we’ve seen everything from the Tiko to the FORM 1 go on to raise millions of dollars to further develop their innovative take on existing additive manufacturing technology - oftentimes taking proven methods that exist in much larger industrial machines and putting them in a more wallet-friendly package for the average consumer.  

Now, following the successful release of his TeeBotMax foldable and portable 3D printer last year, design engineer Emmanuel Adututu of the Netherlands has now taken to Kickstarter to launch his new take on the foldable and portable 3D printer: The TeeBot suitcase 3D printer.  

Yes - suitcase.

Designed to be a mobile open-source 3D printer that looks good, is portable and has reliable print quality, the TeeBot was created for 3D printing enthusiasts who are always on the move. Featuring a simple and strong housing, the open design makes the printer an ideal choice for learning and teaching 3D printing for those who aren’t always in the same place all the time.

“I needed a 3D printer that I could travel and take around everywhere, so I started working on the design of TeeBot 3D printer, making it foldable and not compromising the print quality,” said Adututu.   

“The result is a simple, foldable 3D printer in a suitcase that can produce high quality 3D prints (from directly within) the suitcase. I hope you like the design and enjoy building and using one as much as I do!”

The rigid and lightweight aluminum open source frame design includes a Lite6 all-metal hotend, a RepRap ALU Heatbed MK3 and Marlin firmware.  It is capable of printing objects as large as 20cm x 16cm x 20cm at a resolution of .1mm with a print speed of up to 140 mm/s.  Although PLA is the recommended filament type, ABS, flexible filaments or any material that can print under 260 degrees can  be used.  As for the total size of the suitcase, when closed for carrying the 3D printer measures in at 550mm x 400mm x 250mm, when opened up for use it measures in at 550mm x 400mm x 500mm.   

Adututu has already established supply chains with his vendors to ensure that Kickstarter backers can receive their TeeBots as quickly as possible after ordering.

“We have communicated with all of our suppliers (a lot) and they are ready to ship the parts we need,” adds Adututu.  “(The) delivery and shipping time has been estimated and we have received and tested many samples.”  

For those interested, the TeeBot starts at $450 for the DIY kit over on Kickstarter.  

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