May 14, 2015 | By Alec

There were lots of delicious chocolate creations to be seen at the Bakery China, the 18th annual international bakery exhibition in Shanghai. This is global event that brings companies and manufacturers into contact with the latest trends and innovations in the world baking, as well as with thousands of visitors. This year, over 80,000 professionals flocked to the exhibition. But for us 3D printing fanatics, the most exciting thing on display was surely the chocolate creations made with the upcoming Choctory 3D printer.

Nanjing Research Institute of Additive Manufacturing

This exhibition on the 12th of May was the first public event for this upcoming 3D printer’s creations. Developed by the Nanjing Research Institute of Additive Manufacturing in China, this originally-named food 3D printer is already capable of creating food and has entered the beta-testing phase. While only its chocolate results were on display in Shanghai, the prototype Choctory (short for Chocolate Factory) itself is expected to be put on display in the near future.

Nonetheless, the creations put on display were quite impressive. During the first day of the exhibition, a whole 3D printed chocolate wedding series was showcased. This included wedding dresses, high heels a jewelry. A number of other chocolate creations, including stencil art, tableware and even portrait-shaped chocolate could be seen. The display was very popular among the visitors and other professionals present at the event. The results themselves can be seen below.

While a number of food 3D printers specializing in chocolate are forthcoming, the developers from the Nanjing Research Institute of Additive Manufacturing argue that the Choctory will stand out among them due to the taste of the results. Instead of just simply extruding molten chocolate, the Chocolate will reportedly include a number of features designed to retain the original chocolate flavor as best as possible. These features will include special material for all parts coming into contact with the chocolate, as well as intricate heating and cooling systems. 

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