May 16, 2015 | By Simon

Of all of the most exciting new products available on the market right now, it is perhaps quadcopters and drones that are gaining the most attention.  

Whether they are being used just for fun - not unlike an RC helicopter or airplane - or for using as a video recording tool, their popularity has soared in recent years and is only expected to continue to grow.

It should come with little surprise then, that some entrepreneurs and makers are turning to Kickstarter to launch their own drone or quadcopter designs.  Among other ‘drone’ products that we’ve seen launch on the platform include the popular Pocket Drone, which was billed as a pocket-sized action camera drone and raised nearly a $1 million as well as the ZANO, which was billed as an autonomous, intelligent and developable drone and raised over $3 million.

Now, a new campaign has launched on the popular crowdfunding platform and is promising a super-easy DIY quadcopter building experience for those that enjoy racing quadcopters - a relatively new hobby that’s sure to pick up traction as quadcopters become cheaper and more popular with the use of First Person Viewing (FPV).  

The Zippy Racing Quadcopter Frame was created by maker and designer Benjamin Tovar, whose extensive experience with 3D printing and CNC machining surely aided in the development of his racing drone design.  

The quadcopter frames, which start at $55, are designed to be used in conjunction with existing 250 size quadcopter racing equipment.  Their unique, crash-resistant design allows for them to be assembled with zip ties and can be printed in nearly any color combination using ABS filament.  

Tovar is hoping to raise $7,000 on the crowdfunding platform to bring his Zippy Racing Quadcopter Frame to life.  

“Every 3D printer is a fine instrument made of many small and fragile parts,” says Tovar on his campaign page.  

“Everyday maintenance and repair is to be expected. I work professionally with these printers every day and can quickly troubleshoot any delay in production, even printing replacement parts! The Kickstarter goal includes repair and maintenance funds, ensuring your Zippy Racing Frame and associated merch arrives successfully and hopefully before the projected timeline.”

Currently, the project has raised $170 of the $7,000 goal and has over 29 days left in the campaign.  For those who are at the Austin Maker Faire this weekend, Tovar will be showing off his new quadcopter frames, so keep an eye out.  If you're not attending the Austin Maker Faire this weekend, you can still purchase or support Tovar’s 3D printed racing quadcopter frame project by headin over to his campaign page!




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T.W. wrote at 5/17/2015 6:02:15 AM:

These things are cool. Check out the video that this guy did with the quad for his kickstarter. Awesome visuals and lots of good fun. When can I get mine????

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