May 21, 2015 | By Simon

While the majority of technological developments in the 3D scanning and additive manufacturing space have been occurring primarily in the United States and Europe, countries in the Eastern world have been slowly catching up as various industries learn to adopt the technology into existing supply chains and processes.  Among other recent examples include the significant amount of surgeries that have been done in recent memory with the aid of 3D printed replicas, among others.  

Among other Chinese companies who are helping to lead this new 3D printing revolution for both consumers and businesses alike is Shining3D.  No stranger to making the news, the company has already had quite the busy year so far.  Among other strides the company have taken include launching an affordable high-resolution desktop 3D scanner and selling 6,300 of their desktop 3D printers to Autodesk Asia.  

Now, the company that has quickly risen to become a serious player in the China’s additive manufacturing sector in just months has announced two more business developments that are sure to help secure the company as an authority on multiple additive manufacturing technologies.  

First, the company - who counts the 3D bioprinting company Regenovo Biotechnology among those under their ownership umbrella - has decided to spin-off Regenovo while seeking an investment of ¥30 million - roughly $4.8 million.  Once the funding comes through, Shining3D will be a 55% stakeholder in the newly-public Regenovo Biotechnology.  

The decision to have the company be traded publicly couldn’t come at a more exciting time for the company; the company owns Independent Intellectual Property Rights (IIPR) in China for a 3D printer that they claim can produce a liver sample within an hour.  If this technology is further developed, it could easily spread into Western markets where 3D bioprinting is already a hot topic for bioengineers and those in the medical and even cosmetics industries.    

"The fund raised will be mainly used for R&D and industrialization of 3D printing technology for bio-materials and cells, as well as the construction of a bio-medical 3D printing manufacturing service center," said Huang Xian Qing of Shining3D. "Meanwhile Regenovo is planning to launch share structure reform and shall consider to go public independently in the future."

Second, the company is also announcing the formation of a new subsidiary via a joint venture partnership with Ledao Strategic Materials Co., Ltd.  The two companies will turn their focus towards developing a new line of photosensitive resins for stereolithography 3D printing, including an entirely-new organic silicone-modified material.  The partnership will operate under the name Zhejiang Multi-dimension New Material Technology Co., Ltd.    

"Currently our 3D printing materials can only be used for molding and prototyping," said Huang Xian Qing. "We are working on an organic silicone modified material. If we could make a breakthrough in 3D printing material, the economic savings would be immense. It can also promote further industrialization of 3D printing."

While we’re still yet to see as much of an impact coming out of China as we’ve seen from Western companies, it could be only a matter of time before we start seeing “the manufacturing capital of the world” turn its focus to additive manufacturing.  



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Augusto Castillo wrote at 6/25/2015 12:42:56 AM:

Have you thought of a device for the ER/OR that 3D prints directly on the flesh or inside the body? wrote at 5/22/2015 7:29:26 AM:

Hi,Simon,Many Thanks for sharing this news ! (Quality filaments,liquid photopolymers for 3D printers )

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