May 27, 2015 | By Lilian

Japan's Kabuku Inc. has just launched a closed beta test of their Rinkak 3D Printing Manufacturing Management Service (MMS), a new cloud-based business management service designed specifically for 3D printing service bureaus equipped with 3D printers.

"The Rinkak 3D Printing MMS is a one-stop manufacturing service solution covering everything from the automated creation of a website, to smooth the process of receiving new orders, to manufacturing and sales management tools." says the company.

As a test launch, the company is now accepting registrations from operators of 3D printer-equipped facilities globally.

Rinkak is a marketplace for designers to upload designs and sell their 3D printed products. All products are manufactured on demand. Their parent company, Kabuku, has partnered with Dentsu since 2014 to work with companies like Toyota, Loft, the Conran Shop, Calpis, Fuji TV, TBS and Hakuhodo.

The key features of the Rinkak 3D Printing MMS are the ability to provide a one stop solution for

  • order receipt and sales management;
  • automated creation of your facility's own website to receive print orders;
  • order management: online payment tools, an automated quoting system and client information management;
  • 3D data: data checking, data correction tools and output image display;
  • pre-shipping: client communication optimization, manufacturing process management and automated invoice and delivery.

All features are rolled into one package, but Rinkak says that not all these features will be available during the BETA test period. Some will be made available upon the official release of the service.

The MMS allows service bureaus to add information about 3D printer materials and customization options; you can also use the tool to inform clients and potential clients of the data requirements of your printers and any conditional manufacturing requirements that you have in place. You can also register your post-print finishing services to boost your services.

Rinkak also announces that any company already a member of the Rinkak Printing Partnership Program can sign up to take part in this test release, and that the current service will be offered free of charge. Based on the user feedback following the BETA test, the full service is expected to officially launch this summer.

Following the launch of the official MMS, Rinkak expects to offer 3 licensing options, each will include access to various functionality. Licensing fees are expected to include a FREE option, USD$250 and USD$450 per month option sets. There will also be a 5-10% fee on the manufacturing cost of each order (volume discounts may apply for large-quantity orders).



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