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For all of the revolutionary uses that we’ve seen for 3D printing - ranging from its use in the surgical process for allowing surgeons to practice an exact recreation of an operation days before actually performing a surgery to the use of additive manufacturing in space to create tools on demand - there are also thousands of product designs that likely would never be possible without the use of a 3D printer.  

For design engineers like Chris Czech from Mutant Design, 3D printing has enabled ideas to go directly from idea to final product without the need to go through multiple hoops ranging from marketing to supply chain management similar to how traditionally manufactured products do.

Previously, Czech shared his “3D Printed Party Popper Cannon” - which is capable of shooting BB pellets up to 15 meters away - with the world on his Sellfy page.  Now, he’s back with an all-new design that is sure to add another element of fun to your summer thanks to 3D printing: the iStein 3D Printed Drink Caddy (AKA The Smartest Stein You Know).

In following suit with the cannon’s medieval roots, the stein is a medieval-style beer holder that is traditionally made from stoneware.

“Have a drink the new old fashioned way with iStein, the world’s smartest and most versatile stein,” says Czech on his Sellfy page.   

“Simply insert your drink and you’re ready to go with its highly accurate 3D design. iStein keeps your drink cool and your hand warm in true medieval style while providing you a sturdy handle to cheers your mates.”

Oftentimes steins are decorated with nostalgic graphics that represent different types of beers or geographical locations - oftentimes Germany or Bavaria.  Among other traits that make the stein stand out as a unique drinking vessel is a lid.  It is believed that a lid was implemented during the Black Plague to prevent diseased insects from having access to the beer and thus, spreading disease.  

Czech translated these historical stein elements into his own 3D printed model - lid included - that he is also selling on his Sellfy page along with his cannon.  To coincide with the final episode of Game of Thrones Season 5 this week, he has created a special ‘House Stark’ sigil that users can attach to the side of the stein’s design - which is available for free.  

Although the STL files for the stein are being sold as a zipped file for $7.50, it comes with multiple uses, too!  Among others, Czech adds that once the drinks have been consumed, the iStein is capable of transforming into a medieval style lantern - which could be ideal for camping or other outdoor activities this summer.  

To purchase your own iStein to print at home or through a 3D printing provider, Czech is selling the zipped files through his Sellfy storefront.  He is also selling the same stein through his Shapeways store for those who prefer to not have to deal with the STL files.  

Bottoms up!



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