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Although the term ‘startup’ has become synonymous with “millions” or “billions” of dollars in “valuation” or “capital” , few startups actually ever start out that way and are in fact looking for any and all support that they can get.  Ultimately, as their concept matures, their place in the market starts to reveal itself and that’s when investors come knocking.  

As 3D technologies continue to find their place in a variety of industries, we are also seeing a rise in 3D scanning, 3D software and 3D printing startups that are looking to find their place within the ever-expansive 3D technology marketplace.  Now, 3D software giant Siemens is looking to lend a hand and wants to start by helping 3D printing startups leverage the same tools that Siemens has been creating for multi-billion dollar corporation to help drive product development.  

Called the Frontier Partner Program, the initiative is also Siemens’ own entry into the 3D printing industry.  While they haven’t released the second part of the program yet, it will also add robotics into the mix in addition to 3D printing.   

The program - which is operated by both the Siemens Technology to Business (TTB) and Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) organizations - will provide the 3D printing startups free access to the company’s PLM suite of software tools, technology partner program and other valuable resources.  

In their announcement, Siemens also announced the first round of 3D printing-related startups who are taking part in the Frontier Partner Program.  The basis for choosing these startups was focused on a number of factors including improving the 3D printing industry as a whole in regards to reliability, scalability, and mass scale applications.

The startups included in the first round of the Frontier Partner Program include:

  • Authentise, whose platform securely streams 3D files directly to 3D printers.
  • Avante Technology, LLC, which is working on a software for automatically repairing 3D files for printing.
  • Matterfab, a start-up that is designing a comparatively low-cost metal 3D printer.
  • MatterMachine, a firm developing bespoke 3D printing services.
  • nTopology, Inc., which is developing software capable of generating optimized 3D lattice structures.

As a member of the program, a startup will have a minimum one-year development license to Siemens’ PLM software suite.  The PLM software, which is used by both small and large companies, helps track a product through development, manufacturing, data management, operations management and other lifecycle details that are critical for the success of any product.  Additionally, over the course of the year startups will be able to reach out to a number of Siemens’ own technology partners for mentorship and connections to both expand on their products and technologies as well as seek out advice.

“The Frontier Partner program joins a long line of Siemens Technology to Business programs that partner with startups to add value to our core and future businesses so we can better serve our customers,” said Chenyang Xu, General Manager of Siemens Technology to Business.

“The startups accepted into this program demonstrate excellence in developing unique and innovative technologies and partnering with Siemens can bring the scale and scope necessary to help their business succeed.”

“We’re delighted to be part of the Siemens Frontier Partner program to bring our secure delivery tools for additive manufacturing to a greater audience,” said Andre Wegner, Founder and CEO of Authentise.

“This is just the start of a long partnership to learn and develop products for a distributed manufacturing future together.”



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