Jun 18, 2015 | By Simon

Although we’ve been seeing more 3D technology startups than ever seeking to shake up the 3D printing industry - whether they are fully-bootstrapped by a team of founders or launched as a Kickstarter campaign - experienced 3D technology companies have been working on some exciting developments themselves, too.

Among others, Poland’s Zmorph has not only been continuing to actively develop next-generation 3D printers and other 3D technologies, but they have even been given a $1 million boost to ramp up their production capacity and move forward with a global expansion.

The investment, which comes for Poland’s Warsaw Equity Group, will be used to increase the production of 3D printers to 1000 units per year as well as for developing the next generation of the company’s flagship all-in-one 3D printer, the Zmorph 3.0.  

Currently, the demand for Zmorph 3D printers exceeds the company’s capacity to make them; a problem that many of these new 3D printer startups would love to have.  When the company switches its distribution over to Amazon and a systematic distribution network in a new weeks, the demand is expect to soar even more.  Currently, the company sells their desktop 3D printers through 22 resellers around the world - however the company is yet to sell their product in the Asian market; a market that seeing rapid growth and is expected to continue to surge in industries ranging from medical to consumer products.

“ZMorph is a trendsetter on the 3D printing market, and we want this to continue,” says Piotr Wasowski the co-founder of ZMorph.

“We plan to develop a new printer version, Zmorph 3.0 by the end of this year. The new Zmorph will be even more versatile, multi-functional and multi-material. ZMorph remains the only printer that has the capability to change printing tool heads, so a single 3D personal fabricator can do the job of 11 different machines. We also plan to further develop our software – Voxelizer 3D.”

While the funds will be allocated towards ramping up production of their existing 3D printer models a large focus of the budget will be towards exploring new possibilities with multi-material additive manufacturing processes that the company hopes to utilize on their next 3D printer … but of course, selling existing printers is a priority:

“The cash injection will help us to faster mark our presence in key markets because we will be able to significantly increase the production,” adds Wasowski.

“At this time, the volume of orders considerably exceeds our production capacity, but we are expecting to produce and sell a total of 1000 ZMorph personal fabricators by the end of 2015.”



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