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Even though more people than ever in the history of 3D printing have access to 3d printers - whether at home or in a school or library setting - the skill for creating beautiful objects has still had a little bit of a learning for those who didn’t go to school for industrial design or even have a design background at all.  

While there have been a number of CAD and automated design programs that have helped to bridge the ‘design gap’ for consumers who want to manufacture their own products using a 3D printer, the options have been fairly limited.  Now, a young French engineer is aiming to make the process of creating great looking designs as easy as possible and he’s starting with a Kickstarter campaign to get things rolling.

Drawn was initially created by Sylvain Charpiot, a young engineer who graduated at 22 years old and spent two years in the Czech Republic to commission a factory, followed by four years in Southeast Asia to develop another factory.  Now back in France, the young engineer’s new goal is to fulfill what started out as a childhood dream: to enable others to create functional and nice looking objects. 

With a deep understanding of additive manufacturing processes, the goal of the project is to involve clients in the production of customizable goods that are produced locally and, according to Drawn, “before their eyes” using the company's giant automated robot arm 3D printer 'Galatea'. Galatea is a large scale 3D printer named for the statue that mythological sculptor Pygmalion fell in love with. Galatea took two years to develop with the support of a sackload of investment. The robot Galatea is one-armed but it is capable of 3D printing shapes with greater flexibility in a much larger build volume than the average industrial model. The company is also claiming that a chair that is created with original shapes will only take two hours to be 3D printed using their unique Galatea printer.  

Charpiot has turned to Kickstarter to raise €15K in funds for the launch of its very first range of 3D printed decorative objects. Additionally it could help finance the startup in getting involved with trade shows so that he can sell the pre-printed furniture designs to resellers with existing showrooms.  Once the brand’s name gets out there, he is hoping that others will be able to design their own furniture which will be produced by Drawn.    

The designs, which currently use many different shades of ABS plastic, are also likely to switch over to being made out of more sustainable materials if the campaign gets funded. Drawn will also build a portable version of Galatéa for on-site manufacturing. According to the company, they want to convince suppliers to launch the production of innovative and environmentally-friendly materials including wood and linen.  Additionally, interior design professionals have apparently already taken a particular liking to the furniture designs.  

During the duration of the Kickstarter campaign, backers will have the opportunity to help by simply supporting the project with a small donation or by buying some of the limited edition pre-made decorative objects.  For top tier backers, the company is even offering the option to “become the designer” and create your own furniture collection.  

For those who have always wanted to create their own custom chair or table design, this just might be one Kickstarter campaign worth checking out.



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AMnerd wrote at 6/25/2015 11:18:05 AM:

That little fan in the video looks adorable

3Dpeter wrote at 6/19/2015 1:05:49 PM:

I will Back this project for sure ! Printing usefull and nice furniture, that's good.

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