Jun 19, 2015 | By Alec

It’s becoming increasingly true that 3D printing is a go-to technology for all things cosplay. Just look at all those fantastic 3D printed Iron Man and suits all over the web. But if you’re looking to do something less ambitious, 3D printers are perfect for recreating those cool props that make or break a good cosplay. This is once again proven by prop artist Michael Ruddy, who has just revealed the results of a very interesting game-inspired project: the bow from the Thief video game.

As gamers will tell you, the bow is a rather indispensable part of the Thief video games; just look at the fantastic action in the clip below from 2014 release. And Michael Ruddy, who regularly shares 3D printed cosplay props through his Facebook page Hero Complex Props, is the perfect guy to build it. Previously, he has already tackled very impressive projects such as this a full sized, wearable 3D printed replica of the Avengers Ultron helmet and even more recently, this hook prop from the timeless Hook film (1991) with Robin Williams and Dustin Hoffmann.

And the bow from the Thief franchise has largely been made in the same fashion as those two projects. ‘This was printed on my GMAX 1.5 XT [3D Printer]at 150 microns. The Gmax is perfect for projects like this because of its quality and huge build size 16x16x18 inches,’ Michael tells us. ‘The whole project took about 50 hours of printing.’ Design itself was handled by guest designer Kevin Lunt from RoboPenguin Props and Cosplay, who used blender to complete the models. The design files themselves are set to be released in the near future.

As you can imagine, there are quite a bit of parts and string involved: 16 separate parts make up the bow, all made from Formfutura PLA 3D printer filament. In fact, even the bow’s string is made from flexifil filament (also Formfutura), which was just taken right off the spool. ‘Nothing has been done to it, but glued together.’ While it still needs a paint job, the client taking this fantastic creation to an anime expo will take care of that. But even without a lick of paint, this is already an amazing creation that should rightly get everyone 3D printing fingers aching.



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yzorg wrote at 6/19/2015 5:21:00 PM:

well it looks very cool. but.... But from a Archers perspective, a bow that cant shoot is utterly useless. and laks the most fun part of it: the shooting :)

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