Jun 26, 2015 | By Alec

Move over Iron Man and Samus, a new 3D printed cosplay challenger arises, and he doesn’t mess around. While there are plenty of excellent examples of 3D printed cosplay props and even entire suits out there, few are as cool or as impressive as a Batman suit designed and 3D printed by the Irish design studio Order 66 Workshop and Effects, who are based in Galway, Ireland.

Of course, there are dozens of different batman suits to choose from after decades of an awesome movie and comic book franchise, but the Irish designers chose for a particular cool suit from the video game Arkham Origins. This project was aimed to coincide with the release of this long awaited game, and was quite a challenge for the veteran designers from Order 66.

Cosplay enthusiasts might know this team from a series of very impressive Darth Malgus and Wookie costumes from the Star Wars franchise, but this was the first project on which they used 3D printing to such an extreme. Usually relying on traditional sculpting and casting methods to produce things like armor, Batman’s suit was almost entirely 3D printed. To ensure it was as accurate as possible, they collaborated with ototyping firm Tundra Designs and Canada-based effects company Gauntlet FX, who scanned batman from the video game.

Made over the course of about a month, Order 66’s Julian Checkley said that 3D printing enabled them to work much quicker than usual. In fact, traditional techniques would take about twice as long. ‘There’s also the extreme accuracy it gives as well,’ he said. 3D printing was done by Kevin LeProp, while Checkley painted and assembled all the parts in his Irish studio. ‘We can 100 per cent recreate what we see on the screen.’

They therefore went all out with the accessories as well, which contain a Batarang and fireball-shooting gauntlets (the latter can be seen in the clip below). The cost of the complete suit is in the several thousand euros, but we can all dream of being a millionaire AND Batman at the same time, can’t we?





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