July 10, 2015 | By Simon

Although the most basic filaments may be forgettable if they ever become lost, stolen or damaged, a new generation of filaments that cost significantly more per reel - including filaments made with carbon fiber or those that have been officially approved for use in zero gravity conditions - are likely to warrant more concern over their safekeeping.  

After all - we spend hundreds or even thousands of dollars just to own a 3D printer, so why not take extra precautions towards ensuring that the actual material that gets fed into the 3D printers is always safe and free from contaminates?

Aiming to offer the best 3d printing material storage solution to protect materials from unforeseen environmental conditions in an effort to extend the life and maintain the print quality of filaments, Perception Engineering, LLC has developed what they are calling The Filament Safe - KIT.   

“Simply leaving a spool of material out overnight in an unsealed container causes the material to absorb moisture and increase the potential for delamination or bubbles in your material,” says the company.   

“These issues cause inconsistent extrusion widths and in turn reducing the finish quality of your prints. With the advancement of 3D printing materials over the last several years, it is more important than ever to ensure that these materials are protected.”

Back in 2013, Perception Engineering launched the original Filament Safe on Kickstarter.  Since shipping the units to all of their backers, the company has continued to sell hundreds of units and continues to receive positive reviews for both the quality of their products and their dedication to customer service.   

While similar to the original Filament Safe, the company’s Filament Safe - KIT includes some design changes and improvements to the overall design that are the result of using the original design over the past two years.  

In total, the final design of the Filament Safe - KIT measures in at 9.25in x 9.25in x 4.00in and is designed to not only protect 3D printing filaments, but display them when not in use as well.  The updated design changes allow for users to snap together multiple units for larger filament collections.

For those who consider keeping their filaments safe and dry, the safe seems like a wise investment considering that the material will ultimately be fed through the much more expensive 3D printer and could pose a risk down the line.

The company is currently starting their award level for the Filament Safe Kit at $25 for a wall mount and are even offering custom engraving options starting at the $50 level.  Find out more by heading over to the Filament Safe - KIT Kickstarter page.  



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