July 12, 2015 | By Simon

Since the early days of desktop 3D printing, one of the most popular forms of creation has been in producing 3D printed jewelry.  Among other reasons, jewelry both allows for self-expression while also staying manufacturable on small fabrication machines.

To date, 3D printed jewelry has been both something that is freely shared and downloaded on sites such as Thingiverse as well as sold in boutique designer stores such as the MoMA store in New York City’s SoHo neighborhood.

But of all the many 3D printed jewelry designs that we’ve seen which have ranged from rings and necklaces to bracelets and earrings, we’ve been yet to see 3D printed jewelry that was made from…paper?

Thanks to Mcor’s paper-based 3D printing technologies, a new generation of eco-friendly jewelry designers are turning to the Irish 3D printer manufacturer’s machines to produce designs that neither need expensive molds or expensive resins to create.

Among other companies who are using MCor’s paper-based 3D printing technology to produce their collection of 3D printed jewelry include Beirut, Lebanon-based VANINA, which was founded by childhood friends Tatiana Fayad and Joanne Hayek.  

“The high resolution of the Mcor 3D printer is suitable for our detailed needs and enables us to build shapes that are self supporting, allowing for spans without requiring temporary supports, as is the case with resin- and plastic-based 3D printers,” said Hayek in an interview with the 3D printer manufacturer.

Once the designs have been 3D printed, the designers add decorative elements to them including sparkling paint and Swarovski crystals.  

“We adopted an iterative design process, which allowed us to optimise and calibrate the pieces based on the specifications of the 3D printer,” added Hayek. “Various rounds of prototypes were made to ensure we were working in line with the minimum thicknesses of the machine in order to resolve details such as piercing through the pieces to allow for chains and earring bars, edges of the leaves, and more.”

To produce their 3D printed jewelry, Fayad and Hayek turned to local 3D printing provider Arab Printing Press (APP).  Within the last year, APP successfully upgraded from its state of the art 2D to 3D High Definition (HD) color printing with Mcor IRIS and has printed multiple objects for industries ranging from architecture, fine arts, archeology, education and medical to prototypes, packaging, figurines and of course, the VANINA jewelry line.    

More Than Printing (MTP), an MCor 3D printer reseller based in Beirut who covers the Middle East and Africa, aided APP in their process of upgrading to the Mcor IRIS.  

"Mcor paper based 3D printed Jewelry is a new innovative way for existing successful international jewelers and designers like Vanina to differentiate themselves by launching their own trendy Eco-friendly Paper based jewelry collection using the latest digital fabrication techniques,” said MTP’s General Manager Caroline Zouein in an email to 3Ders.   

“This unique paper based 3D printing technology gives designers an easy and affordable way to monetize their concepts by producing stunning jewelry and accessories with unique messages. Jewelers using this technology will no longer need to rely on expensive molds, costly resin or commit to large quantities in order to create exceptional jewelry for their sophisticated customers.”



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