July 16, 2015 | By Simon

Despite the many new 3D printer models, filaments and even technologies that have been released in recent memory, many of the same problems that have plagued 3D printer users in the past are still in existence today.  

Among other problems, these include finishing 3D prints so that they are free of unsightly print features or errors, as well as the ability to weld separate 3D printed parts into a single and durable part.  Now, a small start-up in France has announced that they’ve created a 3D printing welder that they’re claiming can weld different types of plastic filament together.

The company, I3D Innovation, was founded by a father and son who, with their combined backgrounds in milling, industrial computing and computer engineering, realized that they were lacking necessary 3D printing tools that were adapted for their needs.  The company’s tool, the EasyWelder, aims to connect multiple pieces of filament together which can then be used as a piece of filament for creating a new 3d print rather than discarding filament that may not be enough for producing a desired 3D print.

“3D printers use a raw material plastic filament of about 360 m long, coiled,” said the father and son team on their Kickstarter page.   

“With a coil, we can make some items. But when there remain only a few meters, it is often impossible to use it. This filament is then unusable or discarded. Considering the price, it's infuriating.”

In total, the EasyWelder aims to reduce filament waste, combine different color or filament materials for custom projects, help print large parts and ultimately, help 3D printer users save money.  

The tool’s gripper is equipped with two heating tips while the heating temperature is controlled electronically and is adjustable from 100 ° C to 200 ° C.  It is capable of welding multiple types of plastic filament in sizes of 1.75mm, 2.85mm or 3mm in diameter.  An included ‘Holding Plate Block’ allows a user to securely grasp the two filaments during the welding process while also ensuring that the filament has both perfect concentricity and is the right diameter for the job.  

Perhaps the most impressive feature of the tool though, is its ability to weld multiple types of filament from a variety of different chemical makeups and brands.  Among others, these include PLA, PVA, ABS, HIPS, Ninjaflex and other similar filaments, PEG, PE and braided polyethylene.

Currently, I3D Innovation is seeking $6,121 for their campaign with nearly $1,000 raised so far and nearly four weeks left to go in their campaign.  Those interested can purchase an EasyWelder starting at just $50.  



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