July 19, 2015 | By Simon

One only needs to do a search for '3D Printer' on Kickstarter to see just how popular the platform has become for hardware developers who looking to get the word out and make some sales on their new 3D printing offering. However, due to the high volume of 3D printers on the popular crowdfunding platform, it's also became very easy for great products to get lost in the sheer volume of competing products - unless of course, that product is truly unique.

Among others, a new 3D printer from Alex Youden, a 19 year old engineer from the UK, intends to revolutionize the way we think of modular 3D printers and is one of those few unique products.

Set to be launched in late July or early August, Youden's 3D printer, the NFire One, is a truly modular 3D printer which has also been designed to be cost-effective and easy to use right out of the box.

The talented young engineer previously won the Intermediate Engineering and Technology category of the Young Engineer of Britain awards in 2013 and has been working closely with C4DI, a tech hub featuring the area's greatest creative companies - which is where NFire Labs was founded in September 2014 when Alex was just 18 years old. With the early backing and support from C4DI - along with the networks that they provide - Youden was quickly able to iterate through his earliest prototypes and develop the NFire One into what is soon to be unveiled.

Because the printer was designed with modularity in mind, each of the core components of the printer was designed as its own sub-assembly, which means that the printer can be upgraded in size as the need arises. New users can get started with a basic model starting at only £250 (USD390), which will not only get their foot in the door with one of the most customizable 3D printers available but also one of the cheapest.

As a part of his supply chain plan, Youden was able to keep his costs low to the consumer by keeping manufacturing in the UK with local suppliers for a majority of the parts. Among others working with Youden includes Floreon, a UK filament manufacturer that produces one of the world's best performing PLA filaments that is completely biodegradable and leaves minimal printing waste.

Although designers, engineers and small businesses are expected to be among those who will be an early adopter of the new 3D printer, the printer was designed to be just as easy for users who are new to 3D printing to get started, too.

"This product is the most cost-effective 3D printer on the market, and this campaign aims to give people a chance to play a part in the birth of this game-changing product, which could not only impact the world of industry but the way we live our lives," says Youden.

"You can create virtually any 3D object in a matter of hours. You will soon learn the ins and outs and before long you will be printing weird and wonderful things. With the NFire One being so easy to use, you are never too young to start!"



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