July 25, 2015 | By Simon

What if anyone could make or customize a new board game with ease using their 3D printer?

This is the question that the BoardCraft team - who have over 45 combined years of AAA title development - are asking, and they’ve just launched their first 3D printed board game Kickstarter campaign.    

“(Our vision with BoardCraft is) to give you a system that makes it easy to design your own board game complete with professional quality 2D and 3D components and print it all out on a 3D, inkjet, or laser printer,” explain the developers.

The company’s first expandable game, NecroVirus, is a “gritty zombie-themed tabletop game” that is played using expandable base game boards that link together with 2D or 3D game pieces.  Among other ways that players can fine-tune the game to their own customizations include map layout and scale, play style, rules, cards and game pieces.

Designed with a ‘plug-and-play’ experience in mind, the BoardCraft system includes a series of 6"x6" SecureConnect boards that allow user to create their own customizable board size and shape design.  Once the foundation has been laid with the board bases, users are free to add a number of accessories including buildings and road tiles to finalize their board design.     

“BoardCraft is a powerful sandbox portal that lets you drag and drop your way to creating your own games, pieces, buildings, and terrain,” explain the developers.  

“Because BoardCraft is a standardized system, creators can be assured that the pieces, artwork, chits, and miniatures will all fit together and will have certified compatibility with 2D and 3D printers.”

For the company’s NecroVirus game, up to four players can attempt to lead a small band of survivors across a post-apocalyptic landscape while competing against other players to survive and complete a mission.  According to the company, the game “encourages careful strategic planning, stealth, and resource management, as any wrong move can mean infection and a living death for your survivors.”

A base kit for the NecroVirus game - which includes the files for creating your own 2D version of the game - starts at just $25 while a ready-to-go, full color 3D printed set goes for $2,500.  For those who simply want to 3D print their own game set, the game can be purchased with both the 2D and 3D digital assets for $50.    

With over a month left to go in their Kickstarter campaign, the BoardCraft team has already raised nearly $10,000 of their $100,000 campaign goal.  For those interested, the campaign will run through August 25th and the company plans on fulfilling all orders by August of 2016.  

“By backing NecroVirus, you’ll be able to enjoy this amazing game plus help realize the BoardCraft portal to allow you and everyone else in the community to do what we’ve done: design a kick-ass game and then share it with friends to expand all our play options,” adds the company.  

“We know that once the gaming community gets their hands on BoardCraft and NecroVirus it will open up whole new possibilities for game design and the way people play board games, and we need your help to make it happen!”



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