Aug 18, 2015 | By Simon

As additive manufacturing technologies continue to open up more possibilities in creative and manufacturing processes, those who actively use the technology are continually looking for new and better ways of creating their objects.  

Among other factors that have been desired for a long time now are fast and reliable full-color 3D prints that are affordable.  While there have been a number of full-color 3D printing options available for quite a few years now - including the IRIS paper-based 3D printing system from MCor and the Objet500 Connex3 from Stratasys, among others - none of these are geared towards consumers or small businesses who are unable to put forth tens of thousands of dollars towards a 3D printer - oftentimes around $40,000 to $50,000 and more depending on extra features needed.      

While it still may not be cheap enough for consumers, Taiwanese 3D printer manufacturer Addwii has just unveiled their X1 3d printer, which uses full-color 3D printing technology and is priced below $20,000 - half of what it costs to purchase an existing similar full color 3D printer.    

According to the company, the X1 is capable of power-based 3D printing with up to 1200 dpi and CMYK full-color prints.  At 42 mm an hour and a total build volume size of  200 x 160 x 150 mm with layer thicknesses of 80 to 120 microns, the company’s promise is certainly not a bad deal for the price - especially when considering the comparisons to other full color 3D printers that are twice as expensive.

Working with Addwii to develop the binder jetting technology for the full color 3D prints was MicroJet Technology, a fellow Taiwanese company that produces inkjet cartridges that are comparable to those manufactured by HP for 3D Systems’ binder jetting 3D printers.  WIth more than 600 patents for a number of inkjet technologies including printheads, printers and various printing-related devices, it wouldn’t be surprising if the companies have even more projects in development that are much more advanced than the X1 3D printer.  

In order to help start things off with a bang, Addwii has established an online “Makerspace” to help users exchange projects and ideas in an effort to help inspire more creators to create.  Currently, their platform has over 300 models which are available as free downloads.

As companies such as Addwii continue to disrupt the existing 3D printer market, it’ll only be a matter of time before these more complex additive manufacturing technologies find their way into workshops and small businesses who might have previously only dreamed of owning a full color or multi-material 3D printer.  


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Will wrote at 11/17/2015 2:22:09 AM:

For anyone interested, here is a comparison with other full color 3D printers on the market (Projet 660, Mcor Iris, 3D Pandoras).

Sisilia wrote at 8/19/2015 3:47:58 AM:

Hi, Can you give me information about comparison between addwii with 3d system? And can i use 3d system material for addwii printer? Thank You

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