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Mobile 3D scanning software developer itSeez3D announced today that it has ported the itSeez3D mobile scanner application to Intel RealSense platform and will release a new app to bring mobile 3D scanning access to both professional and recreational users. The app uses depth and color images from a tablet enabled with the Intel RealSense Camera (R200) to generate realistic 3D models of people.

The new itSeez3D app is designed to capture faces and full-body models and is capable of generating a preview 3D model on a tablet in less than a minute. It can carry out the reconstruction of a full resolution model in the cloud.

"Intel RealSense technology enables mobile devices to solve problems that seemed incredibly hard even recently. The itSeez3D mission is to bring 3D scanning to consumers and we are excited to see Intel RealSense technology empowering us to do so," says Victor Erukhimov, CEO itSeez3D. "itSeez3D for Intel RealSense technology builds a platform that will facilitate many exciting applications."

Dr. Achin Bhowmik, vice president and general manager for Intel's Perceptual Computing division, added: "We want to make mobile devices understand the world in 3D. itSeez3D's ability to create 3D models is a great example of a usage that can be enabled by the Intel RealSense platform."

itSeez3D was one of the first companies to utilize Occipital's Structure SDK. Last year, itSeez3D released their mobile 3D scanning app that worked on iOS devices equipped with the iSense or Occipital Structure Sensor. The easy to use 3D scanning app lets you capture an object or subject, simply by moving around it. The Itseez3D uses both the Structure Sensor and iPad's camera to capture the mesh structure of an object with high-resolution RGB color, using augmented reality technology. By combining the data from both sources using a unique algorithm, the app is able to form high quality realistic models. Users can then export 3D models to 3D model platform Sketchfab for downloading or save the model on desktop in .ply, .obj and .wrl formats.

In addition, the app also allows users to share 3D models directly on Facebook. The models can be used as-is or be modified with various 3D modeling tools or be 3D printed.

Once tablets featuring the Intel RealSense Camera (R200) hit the market, Itseez3D plans to make the application publicly available.


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