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While some people assume that desktop FDM 3D printers have just about reached their maximum capacity, a quick glance over at industrial-quality (and priced) 3D printers out there tells a different story. For while many industrial-level 3D printers rely on SLA or SLS 3D printing technology, FDM can also be found among them. What’s more, a new and very promising model is about to join their ranks, and hails all the way from Japan. Developed by Mutoh Industries, the just-announced Value 3D Resinoid MR-5000 resin 3D printer is essentially a powered up FDM 3D printer capable of very accurately 3D printing resin on a large scale.

This new 3D printer has just been announced by Mutoh Industries, a corporation headquartered in Tokyo and known for developing some very interesting (and often much more affordable) industrial 3D printers. Just a few months ago, we were very impressed by their metal arc welding industrial 3D printer, a clever solution to make industrial metal printing more affordable than usual.

This new industrial Value 3D Resinoid MR-5000 almost does the same for resin 3D printing on an industrial scale. Relying on improved print head and material options, the Japanese manufacturer presents it as a solution for rapid prototyping with engineering plastics. As they explain on their website, the Value 3D Resinoid has been designed for use at 300 degrees Celsius, which relies on a servo motor controlling technique to achieve a very impressive precision of approximately 15µm, while 3D printing at the very high speed of 300mm per second.  The Z axis also has a minimum resolution of 0.1mm.

Furthermore, the printbed has been made from aluminum alloy, is capable of a load capacity of 100 kg and can be heated to 150 degrees. Improvements like this, they say, enables the Value 3D Resinoid MR-5000 to be able to 3D print a diverse number of materials including ABS resins, elastic materials, nylon as well as polycarbonate engineering plastics.

What’s more, the Value 3D Resinoid MR-5000 can be equipped with two separate printheads, enabling the 3D printing of different materials and resin composites that the Japanese manufacturers call ‘Bi-Matrix structure modeling’; a 3D printing method that uses different resins at different times throughout the printing process to embed multiple characteristics and functions into a single object. For example, 3D printing nylon and elastic material simultaneously creates objects with the mechanical strength of nylon, as well as the elasticity of the other material. Through this continuous interaction and differing percentage levels in created composite materials, users have a lot of manufacturing freedom.

Aside from that, the 3D printer itself is also just excellent. Featuring a 3D printing bed of a very impressive 500x500x500mm, the machine itself is huge and industrial at W1240xD1100xH2050mm (weighing about 350 kg). Operation itself takes place on a very cool 15-inch color LCL panel. But unfortunately, this remains an industrial 3D printer and therefore well beyond the reach of us regular users. The price tag for the Value 3D Resinoid MR-5000 is 10 million yen (without taxes), or approximately $83,000 USD.



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pizzaslice wrote at 9/4/2015 10:08:42 AM:

I also don't get it :). Plus i would like to add that FDM is trademark. FDM printers can only be sold by stratasys. The rest of the world sells FFF printers or extrusion printers.

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