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Unavoidably, the biggest barrier to 3D printing fun for the layman is the dense and complex modeling software. While the design options are fantastic, you have to complete quite a few projects and tutorials before you get the hang of them. Fortunately, there are far more accessible and easy alternatives out there too, and you can even play with them on a smartphone and tablet. While there is quite a selection out there nowadays, there’s a reason why 3D Creationist is number one in both app stores when searching for 3D printing; it’s fun, fast and very easy to use, and the only option that supports iOS and Android on both phones and tablets.

3D Creationist is actually of Estonian origin, having been developed by CEO Kristjan Järvan, CTO Eerik Kivistik and designer Jaak Kaevats. The team has quite a lot of experience in the hacking and design field, with Järvan having worked for 3D Printer OS for some time and Kaevats having created a large variety of fascinating designs with an international scope. CTO Kivistik, finally, is somewhat of a genius who is occasionally hired to test the security of major companies. ‘When our first version of the app came out that he had made in a week, GrabCad engineers were astonished,’ they say of their technical wizard.

Perhaps not exactly the kind of people you’d expect to find behind a very accessible app aimed at beginners, but perhaps just what it needs. And this app is indeed very accessible, as you can find out for yourself by downloading this fun free tool here for Android and here for iOS. ‘We are an app aimed to make 3D modeling easy - making industrial designers in 30 seconds. We also support indie game developers who are making characters for their games - providing the freedom to 3D print them,’ they say.

And while there are more options out there, 3D Creationist is definitely at the top right now. At the moment, their engine is the fastest modeler available – even loading the 3D models themselves takes little time. ‘where other 3D apps freeze, we work without effort,’ they tell us at But perhaps their biggest selling point is their universal applicability. ‘We are the only 3D app that is on iOS and Android who supports phones and tablets,’ they proudly state, so its hardly surprising that they’re occupying the top position in both app stores.

As they explain, their main goal was to make the 3D modeling and printing hobby more accessible and easier. ‘CAD tools have a high learning curve, that make them inaccessible to hobbyists, so we decided to make a modeling tool, that is simple to use,’ they say of their app. ‘It uses basic shapes (cube, sphere, cylinder, cone etc.) to create any 3D models. From the simplest design to the most complex objects – you can make anything by simply moving, rotating and resizing different shapes into the right place.’

As you can try for yourself, it is remarkably easy. Opening the app will bring you to a blank canvas to which you can add basic shapes and manipulate them as you go on. ‘Tap on shapes to make them active/inactive. Select a proper tool for what you want to achieve: Move,Rotate,Scale. Use the arrows around the shape to manipulate the object in the desired direction,’ they describe. And with the help of a few color options, a good tutorial, a rotating camera and an intuitive user interface, you’ve created cool models before you know it.

What’s more, this free app is also great for 3D printing. STL files of the models you’ve made are easily transported to your 3D printer, while an even more convenient option for sending models straight to 3D Hubs is forthcoming. Further planned updates include options to add engravings, texts, bending and animation options, and of course a lot more shapes to work with. What more do you need? 3D Creationist is definitely an app worth checking out, even if you’re experienced with professional software. Can you already see yourself playing with 3D models while waiting for the bus?



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