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A few months ago, we wrote about MASSIVit, an Israeli startup that, along with creating a super-sized 3D printer, had actually developed their own proprietary 3D printing technique known as Gel Dispensing Printing (GDP), “the largest, fastest and most advanced large format 3D printing solution.” Now, MASSIVit has announced that their first 1800 3D printer has been installed at Israeli communications provider ES Digital, proving that there are viable commercial uses for their XXL ambitions.

The truly massive machine has build size of 1.5m x 1.2m x 1.8m and can print up to 35cm per hour—that means human-sized sculptures could be shot out in only 5 hours. The GDP technology relies on a combination of movements similar to what is used in FDM systems and a UV sensitive material that hardens when exposed to UV light. The patented system is shockingly fast and economical: it saves on printing material and printing time by doing away with wasteful support structures.

“In developing MASSIVit 1800 we had to reinvent 3D printing, we had to invent a whole new technology,” said co-founder Gershon Miller. “The result is a 3D printer with remarkable performance, stunning design, and some of the most advanced 3D printing algorithms in the market.”

To show off their creation back in June, MASSIVit 3D printed the entire body of a Strati car in a single piece. Large-scale 3D printing also has obvious applications in the 3D printing housing industry, which has been making headlines quite a bit recently. But beyond houses and cars, is there a place for these behemoths of 3D printing in everyday commercial life?

Enter: ES Digital, an Israeli powerhouse specializing in wide format digital printing, visual merchandising and point-of-sale branding and signage. They have the become the first recipients of an 1800 model printer, and alongside MASSIVit, are hoping to transform the way special marketing, advertising, and themed environments are created. Imagine giant, 3D printed billboards, immersive advertising, floats and other branded props, all made with “the best technology to print branding, theming and decorative super-sized objects.”

“We are delighted and excited to own the MASSIVit 1800,” said Eyal Shemesh, ES Digital CEO. “We have great plans for this printer, and many of our customers are already awaiting this solution that will enable them to create unique, stunning promotional campaign[s] in all kinds of formats—from unique point of purchase displays all the way to amazing launch events. With the MASSIVit 1800 we can now offer our customers more ways to grab attention, call for engagement and make their marketing campaigns attractive and entertaining—we can add another dimension to marketing.”

All of this sounds very promising, and the communications and advertising industry is relatively new ground for 3D printer manufacturers to break. Given the speed and cost effectiveness with which giant signs, mascots and immersive, customized environments could be created, we’re looking forward to seeing adverting execs getting extra creative and having a whole lot of fun with large-scale 3D printing.



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