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Munich-based startup DyeMansion GmbH have confirmed that EOS founder Dr. Hans J. Langer has taken on a partnership in the firm as a business angel and shareholder. 

DyeMansion, founded in 2013 by Felix Ewald and Philipp Kramer under the name Trindo, specialise in the post processing of 3D-printed laser sinter parts. Rather than using lacquers or other dyeing processes, the company’s unique in-house coloring process allows for geometrically independent colouring, reducing human overhead to a minimum. 

Image from DyeMansion

Dr. Langer, who last year invested in 3D printing firm Lithoz, is the CEO of EOS e-Manufacturing Solutions, manufacturer of systems for rapid prototyping, tooling and manufacturing. He is also involved in countless other businesses in the field of additive manufacturing and laser technology.

Felix Ewald, CEO of DyeMansion, had this to say on the partnership: “Ever since laser sinter technology has found increasing use in the production of additive manufactured serial parts, the demand for a simple, efficient and easily scalable coloring solution that provides not only high quality but also easily reproducible coloring results has intensified. DyeMansion now offers exactly that solution. Thanks to the support of Dr. Langer and his group of companies, including the global market leader for industrial 3D printing technology, we now have the best possible conditions for making our vision a reality”.

Felix Ewald, image from DyeMansion

Dr. Langer added that “[a] stable, cost-efficient and scalable coloring solution is an essential component for further developing  additive  manufacturing  applications. In DyeMansion, we have found a good technology partner for that purpose”.

Dr. Langer, image from EOS

Ewald and Kramer noticed the gap in the market when they formed Trindo, beginning work on their now-advanced coloring technology. Kramer notes that one significant challenge in developing the business was to “coordinat[e] the individual process sequence so that high quality and stable reproducibility are ensured in equal parts.”

Philipp Kramer, image from DyeMansion

However, this careful process results in other important benefits. As well as producing a high quality surface appearance, the treated parts become dirt, water and abrasion resistant, and the yellowing process associated with laser sintered products is significantly reduced.

The DyeMansion coloring process is available to order now. Parts are colored, polished and waterproofed within two working days. DyeMansion currently offers a range of eight standard colors, but plans to offer the entire RAL color range in future.

DyeMansion and Dr. Langer were brought together by the Munich 3D-Printing-Cluster, founded by EOS, UnternehmerTUM GmbH and the Strascheg Center for Entrepreneurship, which aims to encourage networking between startups and established companies in the field of 3D printing.



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