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Desktop 3D printers have proven themselves repeatedly as being perfect tools for creating, improving and transforming wargaming, as a quick look at any wargaming forum will prove. It’s therefore hardly surprising that Ill Gotten Games, a fantastic new developer of the fantastic Wayfarer gaming system has so strongly depended on 3D printing for creating models and terrain. And with new gaming format Wayfarer Tactics (now on Kickstarter), Ill Gotten Games is betting everything on 3D printing; all you need is their rulebook, their free and downloadable scenery and miniature models and your imagination, and a whole new wargaming universe opens up to you.

To explain, Wayfarer Tactics, is an accessible, yet dynamic and endlessly expandable gaming system that can be adapted to any gaming fun you desire. A fan of high fantasty, filled with wizards and dragons? No problem. Prefer aliens and spaceships, or even something in between the two genres? Also possible. ‘With these rules, you can use models from your collection to enact skirmishes, large-scale battles, or party-centered dungeon crawls. Based loosely on our Wayfarer multiverse setting, you can stage your battles in worlds of magic-rich high fantasy, far-flung intergalactic scifi, or anything in between,’ its developers say. While some wargaming systems from upon the use of non-core models (say, Warhammer), using any miniature you have (3D printed or not) is actively encouraged with Wayfarer.

Developer Ill Gotten Games has been foudned by Arian "Dutchmogul" Croft and Jeremy Larsen a few years ago, by combining design, game development, 3D printing and a whole lot of gaming experience. Since then, they have been making quite a splash in the gaming world, and this new Wayfarer Tactics is riding that next-generation gaming wave with the help of 3D printing.

The best thing about Wayfarer Tactics, they say, is that it is easy to step into and also very adaptable to your playing style. ‘Wayfarer Tactics will include a number of pre-made character cards for our own 28mm scale miniature line, with plenty more to be released on a regular basis. With the comprehensive, modular character creation system, you'll be able to adapt models from any miniature line into characters for your own personalized force,’ they say.

The gaming system itself is also fast and elegant (unlike some D&D systems), featuring quick conflict resolution through a handful of six-sided dice and a decks of just regular playing cards. 'Drawing a hand of cards each round, players use the cards to declare actions, essentially giving orders to their soldiers. The value of the card determines what kind of action may be performed, with higher values allowing for more complicated actions. In addition, the suit of the card used may activate special abilities called “maneuvers” which are found on the character record sheet,’ they add. What’s more, if you prefer playing on a grid or through measuring inches on a free board, that’s all easily possible with this system. As I’ve been looking for a new gaming system myself, all this sounds very attractive indeed.

But best of all is how accessible it is. Wayfarer Tactics is an open-source gaming system, that will be released for free on the Ill Gotten Games website. It will also rely on 3D printing, rather than very expensive webshops, for delivering models into your hands. Lots of different and fantastic models for scenery and miniatures can already be found online at Thingiverse, though you can also opt to order some through Shapeways’ excellent services. ‘These miniatures show a good selection of the sorts of things you can do with this game, and are great for roleplaying game characters as well,’ they say of their fantastic creations. What more possibilities could you want? All Thingiverse models should be 3D printed at 0.2 layer height and with 15% infill.

While the success of this campaign partially relies on Kickstarter, where they are seeking to raise $1000 to cover development costs, that will probably be a success with only about $100 to go over the next two weeks. Obviously, supporting them will enable you to get your hands on PDF or paper versions of the rules, while larger pledges will get you some 3D printed models as well.



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A PB Ref wrote at 8/10/2017 9:44:12 PM:

In this world of money money money, it's good to see those who are making efforts to put good work out without demanding immediate return. I suspect the war-gaming community will grow with simple games that entice new players into exploring the culture. Good luck to your endeavors Ill Gotten Games.

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