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Blokko, the startup from Singapore whose mission it is to create 3D printed merchandise and toys based on stories and comics submitted to their online platform, have announced the launch of a new series of toys called "Era of Drones". The series is being debuted today with the release of the first toy of the collection: a truck named the XR-35.

In following with their mandate of combining storytelling and comic book narratives with 3D designers in order to create original 3D printed merchandise (an in depth look of the company's concept can be found here), the new series of toys follows a unique storyline. Era of Drones is set in the not so distant future of the mid 22nd century in a world that has just undergone a serious climate change event referred to as the Great Change of 68. This future is governed by technology, as people no longer fight over oil but over the technologies on which life is dependent.

The XR-35 truck of the Era of Drones series is meant to be a mobile refuel station for the Agri-drones of 2070. The truck has been specially designed to resist the earth's rough terrain and the harsh conditions after the Great Change of 68. The model of truck is widely used throughout the world, with some even rumoured to have been repurposed by the blacks ops.

The XR-35, the first of the toy series to be released onto the market, was designed to be manufactured on any functional desktop 3D printer and costs only $19 for the printing files. The idea behind using 3D printing in order to manufacture the toys goes along with the ever-growing DIY trend associated with additive manufacturing. As Blokko CEO Rahul Thayyalamkandy explains, "For people with kids this will be a great activity whereby they could build this toy truck together at home."

The truck has been designed with easy assembly in mind, requiring only a 3D printer, 3D printing material and elastic bands to be made. The XR-35 can be 3D printed without additional supports, includes a full suspension lower body, and comes with easy to build pump-action joints. Additionally, the truck's elastic suspensions allow for it to be customized and updated easily.

"The toy truck XR-35 was designed around the key concepts of play-ability, modularity and ease-to-build, in that order," says the truck's designer and CTO of Blokko, Prad Lal, "Most of the 3D printed toys available now are difficult to build and kids can't really play with them. This is why we designed the pump-action joint, which makes the toy modular, strong, and yet easy to take apart. This truly opens up the concept of modularity."

When purchased, you will receive a digital download file including the toy .stl files, build instructions and an easy calibration .stl file. Blokko estimates the build time to be around two days, so within only a couple days you and your child could be playing with the new XR-35 Fuel Rig.

In launching this new series of toys, Blokko continues to put the fun into 3D printing by combining original narratives and storylines with the work of innovative 3D designers. And now that we've seen the XR-35 truck's design and features, we are anticipating more exciting releases from the Era of Drones toy collection!

Build Specs

  • Requires: 3D Printer, Printing material, Rubberbands
  • Material: PLA/ABS, Flex
  • Toy size: 190L x 150W x 130H mm
  • Build Time: 2 days (sliced at average 15% infill, 45mm/s print speed)
  • Max Print Size: 160L x 160W x 135H mm



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