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Laser pointers have a lot of specific purposes: they can be used in classrooms or presentations, during star gazing, or to signal for help in an emergency. Despite all of that, the number one thing most of us do with a laser pointer? Use it to annoy cats, babies, or even co-workers, of course. A new creation by JJRobots allows you to build a portable laser pointer robot with 3D printed parts that can be controlled from up to 60 meters away with your smartphone or tablet device, and provide hours of fun.

All that’s needed are two SG90 servos, an inexpensive laser, 9-12 volt batteries, and the 3D printed parts (PLA, 20% infill), and Arduino Leonardo. All off the STL files are available on Thingiverse.

JJRobots also designed the B-Robot, an open source self-balancing robot created with 3D printed parts that serves as the laser pointer’s electronic brain shield. With just two wheels, it is able to maintain its balance at all times, and can also be controlled through a smartphone, tablet or PC. They released a previous version of the shield for use in other robotic projects.

With a bit of know-how (or by just following their detailed instructions here), you can easily program the Arduino, assemble the laser, and connect it all to your phone’s WiFi. The robot is able to point to any object on the X and Y-axis, and has a quick level of responsiveness even from a distance. It's also lightweight enough to be easily carried outside or around the house.

Once finished, can hide in a tree, place the laser on your neighbor’s roof, or get up to just about any other kind of mischief—or, if you’re more of the decent, hard-working type, use it to impress your boss during a big presentation. Either way, it’s a fun project that uses your smartphone, 3D printing, and inexpensive parts to take a boring old laser pointer to next-level shenanigans.  

JJRobots is a collective of makers that aims at brining open source robotic projects closer to the people by providing hardware, good documentation, building instructions, code, and a healthy dose of encouragement and fun.




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arsdmthe wrote at 9/25/2015 9:45:08 PM:

fun : make animals blind ...

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