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In September of last year, Danish company 3D Printhuset opened Denmark’s largest 3D printing store in the nation’s capital, Copenhagen. Now, in an effort to increase accessibility to the rest of the country and expand their reach, 3D Printhuset has announced the opening of a second location of their store in Aarhus, Denmark. As Jim Larsen, director of 3D Printhuset points out, “Aahus is the second largest city in Denmark and therefore a logical choice for our second store.”

The new store, only slightly smaller than the Copenhagen location – the Copenhagen store boasts a floor area of almost 3,000 square feet (279 sqm) while the Aarhus location will measure just over 2,200 square feet (204 sqm) – will be equipped with state of the art 3D scanning and printing equipment, as well as 3D printed products, supplies and accessories. Like the location in Copenhagen, the Aarhus 3D Printhuset has collaborated with such world renowned 3D printing suppliers as 3D Systems, XYZ Printing, Artec, and Ultimaker.

Mr. Nicolai Wamman

The former Danish Minister for EU relations and the Mayor of Aarhus City, Mr. Nicolai Wamman will be on site for the new 3D Printhuset’s opening and will do the honor of cutting the ribbon at its grand opening today, September 28, 2015.

While the new store location in Aarhus is excitement enough, 3D Printhuset have also made a second announcement in connection with it. That is, they have announced that they will be taking over the distribution company 3D Scandinavia Aps as well as launching 3D Printhuset PRO in order to service the professional market. In taking over 3D Scandinavia Aps, 3D Printhuset will become the authorized distributor of 3D Systems, Artec and Roland.

As Jim Larsen explains of the company’s two big announcements, "With the opening of the large store in downtown Copenhagen where we made the 3D printing technology much more accessible, we unleashed the demand for 3d printing in Denmark and since then demand has not stopped growing. Part of the new demand originated outside the capital and part of the demand was for professional grade printers and equipment. It has therefore been obvious for some time, that we needed both a presence outside the capital and that we needed to move into servicing the professional market. With this double expansion, opening in Aarhus and the establishment of 3D Printhuset PRO A/S, we will cater for this demand and really cement our position as the “hub” for 3D printing in Denmark”.

3D Printhuset Director Jim Larsen

Residents of Aarhus are sure to be excited by the opening of their new 3D Printhuset, which they can frequent after today’s grand opening. Additionally, we are sure 3D Printhuset will continue to expand and promote 3D printing technologies and practices throughout Denmark and Scandinavia, and are anticipating future announcements!



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