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Although we are used to hearing 3D printing technological breakthroughs coming from global powerhouses such as China, France, Spain, Germany, the Netherlands and the United States, developers in from every corner of the world are vying to enter this ever-expanding market. Today, Colibri 3D, a division of the Mexican company InterLatin, announced that with support from the Mexican Federal Government and other investors, it has closed its first round of initial outside capital investment, raising $1 million which will go towards expanding their market reach at a worldwide level, and securing Mexico’s place in the global 3D printing industry.

The investment comes from the CCD Ventures Fund, a joint effort by the Mexican Federal Government, the Jalisco State Government and the private sector. Together, their goal is to promote technological development in the region.

In 2014, the company created the first 100%-Mexican-made 3D printer, the Colibri Pro, and had tremendous success in opening up the 3D printing market for businesses and manufacturers in the country. Earlier this year, they launched the Colibri Home, an entry-level desktop 3D printer that, priced at just $300, was geared towards introducing the technology to Mexican consumers, households and classrooms.

Along with their 3D printers, Colibri 3D also offers a comprehensive portfolio of 3D printing software and tools including Constructor, Constructor Pro, G-Code Viewer, G-Code Converter, and the game-like, beginner-friendly Blocksweb.

InterLatin, the company that owns Colibri, has more than 15 years of experience in the electronic manufacturing industry. With the stated goal of selling 3,000 3D printers in Mexico in 2015 (according to the company, the sold 200 units on the first day of the Colibri Pro’s release), InterLatin is targeting the widest possible market within the Mexican region and beyond, from professional architects, industrial engineers, and higher education institutions, to hobbyists repairing items around the house.

The hefty investment from the Mexican Federal and Jalisco State Governments shows that there is significant promise in 3D printing technology, not only at the economic level, but also in terms of national development. Increased technological development from state universities or R&D labs could help put Mexico on the map alongside global leaders such as the United States, Spain and Germany, and lead to further investment from private sector shareholders and venture capitalists, benefiting the entire Mexican economy.

According to a Mexican federal government agency, Mexico has enormous potential that puts it among the world’s major players in the digital media industries. It has a significant cost advantage (digital services 28.7% lower than the United States), the ninth largest ICT talent hub worldwide, and is the largest source of talent for Silicon Valley above Germany, India and Japan. Clearly, the country is primed and ready to enter the global 3D printing market.



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