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An anonymous maker known only as ‘EggyMean’ has designed and built an impressive 3D-printed Halo 4 helmet. The homemade headgear, a replica of the iconic helmet worn by Master Chief in the popular video game, is currently racking up the views over at imgur. The Halo series of games, created by Bungie and later developed by 343 Industries, a subsidiary of Microsoft Studios, are generally considered some one of the finest games of the first-person-shooter genre, and have contributed greatly to the popularity of Microsoft’s Xbox series of consoles.

EggyMean’s 3D-printed helmet, which is large enough to be worn, is made from around fifty 3D printed components, around half of which are small connecting pins. The game-loving designer used around 2 pounds of MakerBot PLA filament for the 3D printed parts, at a cost of around $50. As well as the essential connecting pins, superglue was used to assemble the object from its 3D printed components. The maker had to build two versions of the additively manufactured headgear, after realising that the first version was too small for his head.

Even the most casual gaming fan will recognise Master Chief’s olive green suit and helmet. To faithfully reproduce this recognisable colouring, maker EggyMean used an initial coating of black spray primer, followed by a layer of olive green spray paint. The inside of the helmet required only the layer of primer. After this internal layer of primer was applied, the maker added padding from a discarded football helmet. Mounting tape was used to affix a visor from a motorcycle helmet, and small flashlights added to each side of the helmet. These touches give the helmet a real look of authenticity. There are some visible gaps in the helmet, but EggyMean is nonetheless pleased with the outcome of his first attempt at such a build.

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EggyMean is not the first maker to construct a Halo helmet using a 3D printer. Back in 2013, a fully 3D-printed helmet was posted on Hackaday and Thingiverse, shown in various cool colour combinations. That version, designed using Autodesk Fusion 360, employs a perforated 3D-printed visor, rather than a pre-made motorcycle visor. Whilst the perforated visor can be 3D printed, the motorcycle visor certainly looks more like Master Chief’s as it appears in the game. We at 3Ders can’t decide which we prefer—whilst we love the opportunity to 3D print as many components as possible, we rather like the faithful aesthetic of EggyMean’s creation. What do you think?



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