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Several governments around the world have already given vocal or even financial support for the development of 3D printing, but now reports are coming in that the State of New York is planning something far more ambitious. According to anonymous sources, New York State has signed a private-public partnership deal with Norsk Titanium AS and will invest $125 million in an industrial-scale 3D printing facility that is to be constructed in Plattsburgh, New York.

This exciting bit of news had just been leaked to the media by someone reportedly close to the deal, though some hints were previously dropped by Norsk Titanium’s chief executive Warren Boley in July of this year. Partner Norsk Titanium is a Norwegian company also known as NTi and they specialize in 3D printing titanium through the use of titanium wire, saving up to 70 percent of costs compared to other manufacturing technologies. They also claim to save about 90 percent in time. In the future, their technique could be used to greatly revolutionize the aviation industry, and that is probably one of the purposes of this new plant.

Right now, however, quite little is known about this exciting new plant. Back in July, Norsk Titanium’s chief executive Warren Boley told reporters that a 200,000 square foot 3D printing plant would probably be owned by the state but operated by the company, but neither NTi nor New York State have yet responded to latest reports. The SUNY Polytechnic Institute from New York University, who is also in on the program, was also unavailable for comment.

However, with the help of previous comments and the anonymous source, quite an interesting picture appears. The plant is set to be located in Plattsburgh, New York, about 160 miles north of state capital Albany. Building could begin as early as late October or early November, with the plant planned to become operational by 2016. Several dozen large scale industrial 3D printers will be initially installed, with more to follow. To first orders could come in as early as the first quarter of 2016.

Initiator of the project is Norsk Titanium, who was also in talks with other states to build a facility, but has now supposedly chosen New York. That choice partly follows New York’s aggressive approach to expanding its high technology capacity, for which the state won a $610 million competition to build a research hub dedicated to photonics. And with this 3D printing plant, they are obviously giving a huge boost to the 3D printing industry as well. If a couple of other states follow their example, we could have a full scale revolution on our hands.



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