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Remember the Eleven 3D printer? In early September, we first reported on a promising and remarkably large desktop 3D printer that is being developed by Canadian startup and 3D printer service provider ISG3D. This interesting machine already looked remarkably good a month ago, but we had to wait for their Kickstarter campaign to start before getting the full story. That moment is today, as the crowdfunding campaign for ISG3D’s Eleven has just gone life, and it’s still looking as good as before.

To refresh your memories, ISG3D is a web-based Canadian service provider based in Sherbrooke. Among others, they provide 3D prototyping assistance, 3D modeling services and the actual 3D printing itself. They also sell a complete selection of PLA 3D printer filaments. Last year, the young company became increasingly aware of a need for large scale 3D printing options. ‘The ISG3D team came to the conclusion it was still expensive to create using a larger build area. Knowing it was possible to produce on an even larger scale, we decided to focus on creating an easily-affordable and more efficient 3D printer,’ they explain.

This led to the development of the Eleven, which they have already used as part of their own services, but are now ready to share with the rest of us. And as we already learned a month ago, it has plenty of interesting selling points. Featuring a substantial build area of 220 x 400 x 400 mm (8.6'' x 16'' x 16''), they have built a good-sized, yet user-friendly desktop 3D printer that seems to feature everything users typically look for. Think a heated printbed, a layer resolution of <100microns, a user-friendly LCD screen and the capacity to 3D print PLA, ABS and nylon. In short, it features similar characteristics when compared with competitors, but is quite a bit bigger than most.

What’s more, the Eleven 3D printer also looks great. Featuring a stripped down appearance and an open body, it is reminiscent of the Prusa i3 and doesn’t completely fill up your desktop either. However, this is about more than the aesthetics. ‘An open-air case design is what makes it even more convenient to the average user as it also reduces the weight, which currently stands at 30lb* (15kg). Additionally, the design is easily accessible, giving room for repairs or tune-ups,’ the Canadian developers say.

However, this stripped down appearance also benefits the hackers amongst you who want to add some improvements of their own. To accommodate them, the Eleven has also been built with open source principles in mind, and is therefore full customizable. All designs are also freely available. ‘As an extra supplement, the users can benefit from the huge support of the Rep Rap community in addition to our team of experts available on the ISG3D online forums. You can also modify the parts and try your own design because of the open source property,’ they add. Obviously this also means being able to operate it with just about any Cura and Reptetier-like software you like to use.

Finally, there’s the price. Unlike some other cases, the Canadian-made Eleven 3D printer is scheduled to cost just as much as previously stated. ‘The regular price for the Eleven is expected to be 1100$US, but early birds on Kickstarter are going to be able to purchase the first batch at 850$US,’ Matt from ISG3D told us last month, and that still stands. If the crowdfunding campaign is successful, the first Eleven 3D printers are set to be shipped in January 2016, with the rest following in the months that follow. Check out their Kickstarter campaign here.



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