Oct 16, 2015 | By Benedict

We’ve been hearing an awful lot lately about additive manufacturing technology being used in the footwear industry. What with Nike causing a buzz with its planned design of 3D printed shoes, it seems that the future of footwear could be 3D.

A young Spanish company have unveiled a 3D printed, fully bespoke shoe insole, promising unprecedented comfort for wearers. SUNfeet, “a fusion of new tendencies in health, technology and fashion to develop customized insoles for improved shoe comfort”, utilises smartphone-based technology to create accurate images of customers’ feet, which are then used to create fully tailored, 3D printed insoles. The 3D technology used by SUNfeet was developed by the Instituto de Biomecánica, and the insoles are designed to reduce fatigue and minimise pain.

SUNfeet’s unique selling point is its customisability and tailored fit. The cutting-edge technology involves a 3D imaging system for capturing the exact shape of a customer’s foot. This provides wearers with maximum comfort, with contours and support perfectly suited to their feet—not somebody else’s. Once the image of the foot has been captured, templates can be designed and customised by the customer.

Once the design is complete, SUNfeet go about manufacturing the insole using 3D printing technology. Additive manufacturing enables the production of more detailed, complex designs that would not be possible with traditional production techniques. SUNfeet believe that their 3D printed products can offer unprecedented resistance and flexibility, specific to each user and their desired purpose.

The SUNfeet insole is available in three different designs: Casual, Elegant, and Sports, each offering their own function and style.

The Casual model possesses added cushioning at the toe-end of the foot, which is designed to minimise pressure and resultant discomfort.  A special heel insert, made from an elastic material, give an added spring to the wearer, aimed at reducing fatigue. This model is aimed at everyday use.

The Elegant style is designed for dress shoes. The insoles are thinner than the other models, and have extra cushioning in the forefoot. Arch support serves to improve pressure distribution and reduce soreness on the sole of the foot.

The Sports insole displays several different properties, tailored to the active user. Designed to boost forward momentum and absorb heel impact, the design of its base supports the arch of the foot, helping to minimise fatigue. A semi-rigid heel cup adds stability and control.

SUNfeet are currently only shipping to select European countries: Spain (except Ceuta, Melilla and the Canary Islands), Italy, France, Germany, Netherlands, Sweden, Greece, Belgium, Austria, Denmark, Portugal, Finland, Ireland, Luxembourg, United Kingdom and Switzerland. Customers in Spain, Portugal, Greece and Italy can, for a limited time, purchase the SUNfeet insoles at a discounted price of €63, not including shipping costs. The regular price for the tailored insoles stands at €90.

Can you foot the bill, or is this a step in the wrong direction for 3D printed shoemaking? Head over to the SUNfeet website to find out more.




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can one purchase this product?

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