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With less than three weeks to go before Halloween, you probably fall into one of two possible camps: there are those who settle, deeming the old ‘sheet over the head’ as an acceptable excuse for a ghost; and then there are those who go all out, who will not rest until their costume is as authentic, hair-raising and outrageous as possible—guaranteed to traumatize many an innocent trick-or-treater. Those in the second camp are not content with mere sheets, nor with generic store-bought costumes. Indeed, if there were a holiday designed to bring out the craftiness, ingenuity, and enthusiasm of the maker community, it would be Halloween. Just in case you haven’t already 3D printed yourself an authentic, head-to-toe Dark Knight suit, or a functional and kick-ass Impress Furiosa prosthetic arm, we’ve combined a list of some of the latest 3D printed costumes, decorations and edibles, ranging from creepy to cute and everything in between.

Super Heroes

When it comes to top-notch costumes, cosplayers are the undisputed masters. So, why not start off with a few fan-approved superhero pieces that will take you from your Halloween party to the next Comicon Convention faster than a speeding bullet?

The Hammer of Thor

Iron Man is everyone's go-to, but my personal favourite Avenger is the hunky and loyal Asgardian, Thor. With or without his flowing blond hair and pumped-up pecks, you can channel his strength with your very own 3D printed Mjolnr, the Hammer of Thor. Lightweight ABS filament means it'll barely weigh a thing, but no one at the party has to know...

Black Widow Kit

Avengers was undeniably huge this year, so to get a group-costume going, download the Thingiverse files for this Black Widow 3D printed accessory kit, including Stingers, Bites, Gun Belt Buckles and emblem. If you're more a fan of the classics, you can also 3D print these Wonder Woman bracelets and round up a Justice League of Makers.

Mad Max Mask

Whether Tom Hardy's Mad Max was more superhero or psycopath is up for debate, however one thing's for sure: this incredibly authentic Mad Max Cage Mask is one of the coolest makes I've seen this year. As an added bonus, it'll keep you from loading up on too much candy and feeling miserable the next day.

Helmet Heads

The next category is for those who really want to assume their character identities by donning a face-covering helmet. The major advantage of 3D printing here is that you can customize it to fit your head perfectly—no uncomfortable head-squeezing or awkward slippage required.

Dr. Who Cyberman Helmets

These professional-looking Dr. Who Cyberman helmets were created entirely in ZBrush and 3D printed on a MakerBot Replicator 2. The original creator made two--one for him, and a perfectly scaled down version for his son.

Star Wars Kylo Ren Helmet

The newest Star Wars film, The Force Awakens hasn't even been released yet, but it's already generating a huge amount of buzz. Already lightyears ahead of the trends, 28-year-old engineer Lukey Daley designed and 3D printed a wicked helmet based on the newest villain, Kylo Ren. He spent almost 100 hours designing the helment in Solidworks and has graciously uploaded the final STL files to MyMiniFactory for free download.

Cat Space Helmet

While I admit that the Dr. Who and Kylo Ren helmets took an incredible amount of skill and dedication, not all 3D printing projects have to be so complicated. Take, for instance, this magnificent 3D printed cat space helmet. Forget Halloween, this should be a 365 days-per-year kind of outfit.

Get Cheeky

Sometimes all you need to pull off a look is the right accessory—think Clark Kent’s glasses as opposed to Spiderman’s stocking. These quick-and-easy masks and accessories also require dramatically less time and post-processing than the headgear above.

Steampunk Goggles

Described as "Safety in mind with a touch of steampunk design" these goggles by Jason Welsh are the perfect final touch for a 19th-century fantasy costume.

Animal Masks: For classic Halloween costumes that are a little more child or classroom friendly, try this elegant 3D printed owl mask or comical plastic pig nose.

Props, Toys and Decorations

Whether you’re decorating for a haunted house or wild Halloween party, your decorations can make or break the atmosphere. Before you start printing, be sure to stock up on some freaky orange and black filament and spooky glow-in-the-dark spools for added effect.

Wobbly Ghosts

Wobbly Ghosts are one-piece prints with a spring up the middle. Once the support is removed, the adorable ghosts are suspended on the spring 6mm above the surface they are sitting on, and with a slight tap or vibration begin to wobble. An easy print for guaranteed fun. Keeping with the theme of fun over freaky, these 3D printed Skeletonz by the same designer are also one-piece prints with articulated arms and legs that move and shake. The Skeletonz STIL files have been downloaded over 300 times, meaning they are either very popular, or somebody is building a massive army of the 3D printed undead.

Pirate Accessories

Ever since Pirates of the Carribean, pirates have been one of the trendiest Halloween costumes, with lots of room for improvisation and customization. These 3D printed chain/handcuffs and colonial lamp by Don Foley can be used either as a part of your costume, or to decorate a pirate-themed haunted house.

Gruesome Severed Fingers Cookie Cutter

Finally, there's no such thing as a good Halloween party without sweets. I love the twist on these 'severed finger' cookies, made with the help of a 3D printed cookie cutter and a bit of food dye. "I made a batch of spiced ginger biscuits perfect for the autumn season," wrote the creator on their Thingiverse page. "Once cooked I dipped the fingers in bright red icing, and even added a little white icing to the finger"nails. Plate up ready for your trick-or-treaters! Why not add some green food colouring to your dough to make scary zombie fingers?"

Incorporate some electronics

Last but not least, for those who have the time and skill, and who want to take their 3D printed creations to the next level, these are projects that incorporate LED lights or other electronics.

Low Poly Mask: Classic and Remixed

This LED Low Poly Mask, which uses  5mm RGB LED lights from Adafruit has been blowing up on Thingiverse. It's soulless, hollow eyes are reminiscent of the Halloween franchise's Mike Myers, but with a distinctly modern twist.

LED Fire Horns

As part of their Electronic Halloween DIY series, Adafruit came up with these devillish 3D Printed LED Fire Horns, "3D printed in Ninjaflex for a flexible wearable that won't poke your eyes out, giving you freedom to headbang to your hearts desire."

Avengers Wasp Helmet

Inspired by the Ant-Man movie, Adafruit has also collaborated with Erin "Fire Pixie" St Blaine, and Phil "Paint Your Dragon" Burgess to create this Avengers Wasp Helmet. Adafruit shows you how they designed and 3D printed the wasp helmet in the video below.

FrankenStein Lightswitch Plate

This one is a bit of a cheat, since it dones't incorporate electronics directly, but I thought it was such a simple yet genius way to upgrade one of the most overlooked parts of a room: the lightswitch. A great addition for haunted houses, or for your own personal 'Frankenlab' makerspace.

The beauty of 3D printing your Halloween needs is that they can be completely customized and as unique as you want them to be, and although they might take a little more effort, the payoff will be ten times greater. So let’s retire that old sheet already. With this list as a jumping-off board, let’s 3D print Halloween’ 2015.



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