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We’ve known for a long time that 3D printed selfies are the future of analogue representation. However, there are difficulties involved in making accurate 3D scans, with most people choosing to get theirs professionally taken. However, for those who prefer to do it themselves, there are some big obstacles to overcome before an accurate 3D printed model can be made.

Have you ever tried to make a full body scan using a 3D scanner, in order to make a 3D printed model of yourself or somebody else? If so, you might have found that manually moving the scanner around your subject’s body was inconvenient and prone to errors, or struggled to find a big enough space in which to arrange the equipment. If this all sounds painfully familiar, a Spanish entrepreneur named José Maria Martinez may have found the exact solution for you.

Martinez has recently unveiled a 3D body scanning system called FUBOSS: The Full Body 3D Scan System. Fuboss is a set of equipment designed to integrate with 3D scanners such as the Sense by 3D Systems and Microsoft Kinect, to make full body 3D scanning an easier, quicker process than ever before.

So what does Fuboss consist of and how does it work? After encountering problems whilst having to circumnavigate his subject, 3D scanner in hand, Martinez realised that the simplest, most accurate way to capture a full body 3D scan of a subject would be to have the subject rotate, with the 3D scanner remaining stationary. However, the subject cannot simply rotate himself or herself, since this would involve all kinds of movement in the legs and elsewhere which would result an inaccurate final 3D image.

Martinez then realised that he would have to create a piece of equipment which could rotate the subject, without making the subject move his or her body. The answer? a Lazy Susan for the 3D printing world. That’s right: The Fuboss full body 3D scanning system contains a rotating platter on which a subject can stand, whilst being slowly rotated as a 3D scanner captures a 360 degree image. Users can also place other objects on the platter and operate it in the same way. According to Martinez, the base is designed to support object with weight up to 120kg.

Operation of the rotating platter is controlled with an extremely user-friendly device: a joystick and Skanect software. Users can sit at their computer, focusing on the 3D scanning software onscreen, whilst rotating their subject atop the platter with the joystick. This allows users to rotate at the exact speed required by the software, with minimal effort and concentration.

If you’re wondering where the 3D scanner goes whilst the subject rotates gently upon the Lazy Susan, Martinez devised a clever solution for that too. The 3D scanner attaches to a tall aluminium stand, with a fully adjustable height and angle. The joystick can be used to move the 3D scanner up and down the stand, meaning virtually no manual adjustment is necessary. Pushing the joystick forward raises the height of the 3D scanner, moving it up the stand, whilst pulling the joystick towards you lowers it. Moving the joystick to the right rotates the platter clockwise, whilst moving it left rotates it counterclockwise. Spinning the joystick around (like a watch dial) changes the angle of the 3D scanner.

So how can you get your hands on the Fuboss full body 3D scan system? Martinez is planning to launch an Indiegogo campaign on November 1st in order to raise funds for production. We’ll be keeping a close eye on his progress.



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Amin azadeh wrote at 7/30/2016 8:41:14 AM:

I need to know rhe price of youe 3d selfie product. A.azzadehe@gmaul.com

José M. wrote at 12/12/2015 7:04:20 PM:

Money is your answer Nancy. While twinstant 3d body scanners have a price of tens of thousands euros and you need to do a lot of figurines for returning your inversion, now you can Pre-order one Fuboss by 652€. Simply it's for another scale of business or for amateurs. About results, you can see them above this lines, they are not ugly and unusable, in fact I have printed several of them and they look great. You can do a whole scan in only 5 minutes ready for 3D printing.

Nancy wrote at 10/23/2015 3:23:28 PM:

I feel like this isn't a great solution for scanning humans - it takes a significant amount of time to run a scan, and user error + operator error together, plus the lack of lighting will cause scans to be ugly and unusable. Why not use an instant system, like the Twinstant 3d body scanner or something similar? I feel like that is way more applicable for scanning people.

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