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Coming back for its third year in a row is the Singapore International 3D Printing Competition, held by the Singapore Centre for 3D Printing (SC3DP). The Centre has announced that, in the spirit of blending technology with fashion, the theme of 2016’s competition is 3D printed Eyewear and Shoes.

Since 2013, the Competition has had four successful runs, with themes such as Abacus, Fashion, Jewelry & Architecture, and most recently, Vintage Toys and a Functional Logo. Once again, this year’s theme is very on-trend—we have seen a huge rise of 3D printed wearables, combining the most high-tech materials with architectural or biologically inspired designs and dual-purpose functions. Whether it’s a 3D printed bikini that cleans the ocean as you swim, or a 3D printed top that visibly reacts when another person is looking, these pieces aren’t just meant to be worn—they’re meant to make a statement.

For the Eyewear category, participants must think outside of the box and get as far away as possible from the “factory-produced run of the mill eyewear” we’re used to, and instead take advantage of 3D printing’s ability to create unique, highly customized glasses tailored to ensure the perfect fit. Their challenge is to 3D print disruptive, breakthrough, fashionable yet functional eyewear designs that are unique, yet appealing to mainstream consumers--Nasim Sehat's Biz Eyes Collection, for example, would be a great source of inspiration.

As for the Shoes category, designers must create something that is fashionable, functional, and above all actually comfortable. There are indeed some beautiful, eye-catching 3D printed shoe designs that, thanks to the technology, defy what is possible with traditional manufacturing, however the question is whether anyone would actually be able to wear them. “In this competition, we seek fashionable and functional shoe designs (UK Size 5-8) that showcase the capabilities of 3D printing. Comfort and form fit will also be important evaluating factors in this competition. In both the Eyewear and Shoe categories, the competition rules insist that the entire design must be 3D printable.

Participants are able to enter one of two streams: the Open Category, open to the general public, which has a top prize of $10,000 SGD (roughly $7,100 USD), or the Student Category, open to tertiary and secondary students, with top prizes of $5,000 SGD ($3,585 USD.) The deadline to enter is Friday, April 8th 2016.

Singapore’s International 3D Printing Competition is intended to promote awareness and adoption of 3D printing technologies. It’s host, the SC3DP, provides a platform that spearheads Singapore and regional efforts in 3D printing, and is supported by 150 million Singapore dollars in funding secured by the National Research Foundation, the Economic Development Board, A*STAR, Nanyang Technological University, and global industry partners.

In the previous editions, winners have included this beautiful 3D printed Orchid Spirit hairpin design, the Hydro-Shift top by Lim Kae Woei and Elena Low Lee Wei, and the XCube, an 18-faced variation on the classic Rubik’s Cube.

Previous winners of the SC3DP Competition

The theme of fashion and technology is growing fast, as 3D printing technology keeps apace, allowing for truly unique materials to be combined in ways not possible before. In fact, the Metropolitan Museum of Art recently announced that the theme of the highly-anticipated 2016 Met Gala will be Fashion in an Age of Technology—a true sign that even fashion’s highest authorities are as excited about wearable technology as are. It seems as though 2016 is shaping up to be the year for 3D printed fashion to shine.



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