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A Kickstarter campaign is underway for the “first fully telescopic umbrella with an automotive inspired rib suspension system and interchangeable canvas”. The Cypress Umbrella, the prototype of which has been largely constructed using 3D printing techniques, was developed by Vancouver-based Hedgehog Products Inc., and is purportedly designed as a solution to the most common problem associated with umbrellas: wind damage. Whilst common umbrellas buckle and invert under the pressure of extreme weather, the Cypress Umbrella has been scientifically engineered to resist even the most aggressive of gales. Hedgehog claim that the unique design of the Cypress Umbrella makes it ten times stronger than traditional alternatives.

The Cypress Umbrella boasts a unique telescopic architecture. Where common umbrellas possess a standard skeleton with U-shaped channels and hinged linkages, the Cypress’s telescopic frame architecture combines a collapsible stem with a telescopic rib resign, with each rib possessing a tubular section alongside precision machined joints and stainless steel pins. The clever design has been assembled using 3D printing technology at its prototype stage, though the company will build their final product using aluminium and injection molded plastic.

One feature which is absolutely integral to the umbrella’s wind resistance is its independent suspension system, inspired by automotive engineering. Just as shock absorbers work to smooth out bumps on a car journey, each rib within the Cypress Umbrella’s architecture is designed to pivot and adjust independently, reducing the critical jolt from a strong gust of wind. The independent pivots and adjustments made by each rib help the umbrella to handle sudden shifts in airflow, making it more stable.

The common problem of wind damage is not the only difficult situation to be tackled by the innovative Cypress Umbrella. Folding up an umbrella to be stored in a bag or somewhere indoors can often leave a damp mess. This is why the Cypress Umbrella features an embedded enclosure, handily concealed within the handle. Its expanding sleeve eliminates the problem of dripping, meaning no more sodden handbags.

The Cypress has been designed with practicality in mind, but that isn’t to say that aesthetics have been forgotten. The Hedgehog team are fully aware of how important it is for an umbrella to complement one’s outfit, which is why they developed the umbrella to feature a fully interchangeable canvas. In under three minutes, the entire canvas of the umbrella can be replaced with another of a different colour.

The Cypress Umbrella has been designed to cater for all occasions and tastes. As well as the smaller, portable model, Hedgehog have also made the Cypress Umbrella Classic, a full-length umbrella with wider coverage, ideal for the casual golfer or for finding that heritage look. The standard Cypress Umbrella has a diameter of 40 inches or 101.6cm, whilst the Classic edition has a diameter of 44 inches or 111.8cm.

A range of rewards are on offer for backers of the Cypress Umbrella’s Kickstarter campaign. $59CAD, backers can receive an early bird special offer on the Classic Package: 1x Cypress Classic Frame, with 2x Classic Canvases, available in a range of colours. $79CAD is enough to purchase the early bird edition of the Standard Package: 1x standard Cypress Frame, with 2x canvases. Further discounts can be received with larger quantity orders.



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