Oct 29, 2015 | By Kira

Though largely seen as a technology for producing inexpensive plastic prototypes or one-off plastic novelties, desktop 3D printing is increasingly moving towards creating more advanced, functional and even electronic objects thanks to innovations in conductive 3D printing filaments. Functionalize, the company that brought us the world’s first highly conductive 3D printing filament for PLA-based 3D printers, today launched a fun, affordable and convenient kit that shows just how easy it can be to 3D print functional electronics at home. The Flashlight LetterKit, available as of today, includes all the parts you’ll need to 3D print a working keychain flashlight at home.

The LetterKit comes with a one full assembled 3D printed jewel colored flashlight for reference, a modifiable keychain flashlight design made for single head 3D printers, as well as one extra battery and LED combination and enough F-Electric filament (10 grams) and jewel colored filament (15 grams) to 3D print five additional flashlights. The Kit comes in convenient letter-like packaging with several jewel-toned transclucent PLA color options, including red, green, yellow, blue and turquoise. The only thing not included, predictably, is the 3D printer itself, however Functionalize’s unique nano-tube based PLA filament is compatible with almost all filament 3D printers, including MakerBot, LeapFrog, Airwolf, Lulzbot, Flashforge and many others.

"So many people asked if our material worked on their single head 3D printers that we decided to make the first 'Hello world' kit for functional prints, easy for anyone with a single head filament-based printer who wants to join the new industrial revolution,” said Michael Toutonghi, founder and CEO of Functionalize, Inc. Toutonghi is the inventor of Functionalize’s pending patents on its nano-material synthesis and polymer technology.

"3D Printing is moving from its largely novelty roots, particularly in the home, to being a major tool for those building projects in the home or small business," said analyst Rob Enderle of the Enderle Group. "A critical part of this evolution is the ability to print ever more complex objects.  The LetterKit is a clear example of this next step showcasing and teaching 3D printer users that they can now take the next step.  I expect it will be a harbinger for even more amazing things to come."

At just $19.95, the LetterKit is an ideal entry point for users who are unfamiliar with conductive filaments or 3D printing functional electronics. Since everything is already provided, there’s no guesswork or commitment involved. The kit is also an entry point for 3D printing enthusiasts to experiment with Functionalize F-Electric without having to buy an entire spool (up to $142 for an entire pound). The LetterKit is currently sold online and from authorized resellers worldwide, and ships within 1-2 weeks directly from Functionalize.



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