Oct 29, 2015 | By Tess

Media Molecule, the Guilford, UK based video game developer responsible for such popular games as LittleBigPlanet and Tearaway, has dreamt up something big for their next project. The game, entitled Dreams, is being developed for PS4 and was presented by MM at Sony’s Paris Games Week, which is currently underway.

A much-anticipated project, Dreams will essentially provide a gaming platform through which players can effectively recreate and design their own dreams as a video game. The dream settings created by players can subsequently be shared with other players from all over the world and be explored by anyone through the game’s interface.

Beyond navigating people’s dreams through characters in the game, Dreams is perhaps most remarkable for allowing its users to truly become creators. That is, players will be able to design their own characters and environments from either templates or 3D shapes through the use of motion-based or gamepad tools. While many games now feature customization, Dreams will emphasize actual design and creation. Once a dream setting has been created, the player can also establish various rules or guidelines within their dream world based off of intuitive controls. As can be seen in the gameplay video below, Dreams is boundless and can be used to create fun, beautiful or terrifying environments as well as more standard video game settings, such as racing or shooting games.

Alex Evans of Media Molecule says of the game, “It’s just a sandbox you can have a really good time in. The openness of it is what makes it unique.”

Another very exciting aspect of Dreams that is being developed is the potential to actually export the creations designed within the game onto other platforms, such as the game development software Unity or, and especially exciting for us, 3D printers. What this means is that characters or objects designed within the context of the game could someday soon be recreated in real life through 3D printing technology. Like the game itself, the possibilities of turning aspects of it into real objects is endless. If this aspect of the project does become realized it would signify a huge development for the digital arts, with Dreams, a PS4 video game, being used as a creative tool.

Gamers, designers, and makers alike can look forward to not only exploring the world of Dreams, but creating their own intricate virtual worlds and characters with the possibility of breaking out of the virtual setting through such technologies as 3D printing. Luckily, we won’t have to wait for too long as Dreams will be released in beta version for PS4 in 2016.



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