Nov 10, 2015 | By Alec

What is more annoying that waiting hours for a 3D print to complete, only to have it ruined when you try to peel it off the printbed? Anyone who owns a desktop 3D printer will have felt the senseless, uncontrollable rage that follows. While many people resort to heated printbeds or home remedies such as blue tape or hairspray to avoid that nightmare, few solutions work as well as the FLEKS3D plates: simply put it on top of your printbed, and flex it to remove your print without damaging the object, your fingers or your sanity. Versions for just about every commercial desktop 3D printer can now be ordered through Kickstarter.

This remarkably simple but ingenious solution has been developed by product designers Viktor Jondal and Peter Ragonetti, who together have over 22 years of development experience. While most of their products can be found in major retail stores, they recognized the need for a new apprpoach to bring these FLEKS3D plates to the market, and have been successfully using Kickstarter to do so. Previously attracting over 500 users worldwide with their first product, the duo is now back for more.

So what’s changed? ‘FLEKS3D is back with NEW sizes that fit the most common rectangular printers as well as the popular round build plate 3D printers,’ they tell ‘We are now back to offer additional sizes, plates for the DELTA 3D printers FLASHFORGE (and similar sized 3D printers). Plus we are offering our most popular sizes again for 3D Printers like MAKERBOT,ULTIMAKER and COBBLEBOT.’

What’s more, they are also now offering an entry-level version: the FLEKS3D "SIMPLE". ‘[This] is the most attainable of our products. This is a great entry level model to try us out. It simply attaches to the print-bed with clips. These are offered as a single plate starting from $15. An added bonus is that the SIMPLE offers more printable area since there is no frame, great options for those edge-to-edge prints,’ they tell us. They are also more than happy to provide custom solutions for other types of 3D printers, if you want to contact them. The other models cost between $20 and $60 – still so cheap that they’re worthwhile.

For those of you who’ve missed the previous buzz around this product, the FLEKS plates are very simple to use. As the name suggests, you literally just flex the plate to pop the parts off, avoiding damaged prints, scraping or cut fingers entirely. Check it out in the clip below. What’s more, it works on just about any commonly used filament, including ABS, PLA, Nylon and NinjaFlex. It’s also a great option for large projects, as you can simply quickly remove the plate and set to work on the next part immediately. It’s a practical and simple solution that we wish we’d thought of ourselves.



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Mike wrote at 11/10/2015 4:07:54 PM:

Sooo.... What's different between this and the PrintInZ plates (aka Zebra Plates) which have been on the market for two+ years now? I've already been using a flexible build surface for hundreds of prints without any problem

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