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As regular readers will have doubtlessly noticed, 3D printing is big in China. There are of course several large companies flooding the market with interesting budget and not so budget 3D printers, but the country is also home to a large number of startups that seek to bring quality innovations to the market. One of them is Beijing Dazzle 3D Printing Technology, based in the country’s capital, who are preparing an interesting desktop SLA 3D printer called the 'Little Rectangle' (Xiao Fang) for a domestic crowdfunding campaign.

The company itself is very young, being founded by the thirty-year-old CEO Yao Zhifeng in 2014. An avid 3D printer himself, he began studying SLA 3D printing technology a few years ago and chose to build his own machine. Initially working with FDM 3D printing technology, Yao Zhifeng decided to radically distinguish himself from other Chinese 3D printers. Attracting a team of talented young engineers around him – most are graduates of Tsinghua, Peking University and other Chinese Universities – they began development on an independently created Chinese desktop SLA 3D printer.

After investigating the market, Yao came to the conclusion that a desktop SLA 3D printer was exactly what the market needed, as there were too many cheap FDM 3D printers out there already. “Just do what you do best”, said Yao of 3D printing technology. After dealing with a number of technical challenges, they finally finished this impressive Little Rectangle 3D printer that is ready for the prime time.

And the result definitely seems to have some fascinating features that will interest readers who are dreaming of an SLA upgrade. In particular, the Chinese developers have sought to solve a typical problem in SLA 3D printers: the container on bottom-up SLA 3D printers tend to be easily damaged, but they have found a solution. ‘While we have taken a special forming process to produce the consumables box, and its service life extends to half a year. This is far more than the average,’ they tell us.

Yao Zhifeng.

Aside from that interesting feature, the Little Rectangle also comes with a touch screen, through which users are able to run/pause/stop the 3D printing process by clicking on different virtual buttons. ‘Our machine is able to display the printing progress of the model in real time. Display window shows the model under printing, and the part that has finished is shown in a dark color, while the part to be printed is in a light color,’ they add. Coming with a build envelope of 130mm*130mm*180mm, it is slightly larger than the Form1+, and features excellent precision levels of up to 0.2 mm, the Chinese developers tell us.

What’s more, Dazzle is also working on the research and development of new kinds of affordable photosensitive resins to ensure that you get your money’s worth. ‘We just want more people can enjoy the fun of 3D printing’, one engineer said. The Little Rectangle is expected to launch a crowdfunding campaign soon, on a Chinese version of Kickstarter, and it will be very interesting to see how it performs. And with a price of around $2999 USD, it could attract quite a lot of attention.

The full specifications of the Little Rectangle are:

  • Precision mechanical axis X / Y / Z (mm): 0.05
  • Color: Silver and Red
  • Printer dimensions (cm): 32×29×48
  • Laser scanning speed (m/s): 2.5
  • Printing material: Photosensitive resin
  • Printing principle: SLA
  • Build envelope (mm): 130×130×180



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Mike wrote at 11/13/2015 6:37:14 PM:

Sla printers have already dropped to $1500. They'll need to do better than $3k to get interest.

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