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People all around the world were shocked last Friday when Paris came under attack. Not only was it one of the most violent attacks on Parisian soil since the Second World War, it was also a brutal affront on the values and lifestyles that the French embody and enjoy. Known as The City of Love as well as the City of Lights, the iconic city of Paris represents a celebration of music, art, architecture, good food, people, and love, and though it fell into darkness this Friday past, people all around the city have persevered and have made efforts to keep the City of Lights alive.

Designers at the Paris-based 3D printing studio, LeFabShop, have partaken in the movement to celebrate their city by quite literally bringing more light to it. That is, Samuel N. Bernier, a Canadian designer now living in Paris, has posted the designs and instructions for LeFabShop’s 3D printed Paris Lamp, which was inspired by the architecture and design of the city’s iconic Eiffel Tower.

LeFabShop’s Paris Lamp was 3D printed on a MakerBot Replicator 2, and was designed to be 3D printed in multiple parts to fit the print bed. The parts are easily assembled as they were made to slide and snap into one another, though Bernier suggests the option of using glue to secure the parts. Once assembled, the lamp can be fitted with an E27 light socket with an LED light bulb, ready for display.

Bernier explains what the Paris Lamp means to him and what it expresses: “I live in Paris and I love this city. Yes, it’s beautiful, filled with impressive architecture, history and culture, but what I enjoy the most in Paris is the enthusiasm most [citizens] share for good food, music and “happy hours” in their favorite café...This Lamp, inspired by Gustave Eiffel’s most famous construction, is a reminder that the city of light will always be the symbol of all these things, no matter what they do to it.”

LeFabShop have also released the files and instructions for two other Paris themed items: a striking Paris Clock, and an Eiffel Tower inspired vase. Together the three items truly celebrate the beloved city.

Being a Paris based company, it is not the first time LeFabShop have made designs to celebrate their city, as they have also made a 3D printed Eiffel Tower that measures 615mm, as well as a collection of 3D printed models of famous Parisian landmarks. The latter collection includes the Louvre’s Pyramid, The Arc de Triomphe, The Madeleine Church, The Notre-Dame Cathedral, and the Sacre-Coeur Basilica.

Elsewhere, people have also used 3D printing technology to express their support and to stand in solidarity with the people of Paris, such as this Youtube user, who created a 3D printed tea light emblazoned with the Eiffel Tower Peace sign that has become so popular.

Whether you choose to express your support for the people of Paris through a Paris lamp, clock or tea light, it is important to come together in this difficult time and not forget the passion for beauty, love, and light that the city and its people represent. What these 3D printed objects do is help to remind us of these values and to celebrate Paris’ ongoing joie-de-vivre.

The Paris Lamp, Clock, and Vase were previously part of a series of 3D homeware inspired by various cities, which can be read about here.



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