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In recent years 3D printing had helped to make huge advancements in the field of prostheses and orthotics, not only in making them customized to the patient’s own needs through 3D scanning technologies, but also making them more affordable. 3D printing technologies have also come in to play with prostheses in a different way, with a select number of companies developing stylish and fitted 3D printed prosthetic covers that allow amputees to personalize their prosthetic limbs.

California and Seville, Spain based company UNYQ have been working since 2014 to successfully develop and bring to amputees an assortment of 3D printed prosthetic limb covers, though their range was limited to above and below the knee leg prosthetics. As of December 1st, 2015, however, the company has announced the launch of a new line of 3D printed covers for prosthetic upper limbs, below and above the elbow.

The prosthetic arm covers, like UNYQ’s prosthetic leg covers are 3D printed from a strong polyamide material and are available in a range of colors and styles. Currently, the prosthetic arm covers are available in the UNYQ Performance Collection. The covers, as mentioned, are for above and below the elbow, meaning that they will cover the prosthesis as much as possible until the elbow, presumably for mobility purposes.

The designers and engineers at UNYQ spent several months developing and adjusting the prosthetic arm covers to make sure they were stylish and aesthetically interesting while still remaining functional and comfortable.

“We know [that] there is a great deal of craftsmanship put into each upper limb prosthesis, so we are developing a system that allows us to adapt our product to each case,” explains Jeronimo Carrera, VP of Design and Manufacturing at UNYQ. “We are really excited to launch this product and offer more choices to the upper limb amputee community.”

During the development of the line of prosthetic arm covers, UNYQ also worked in collaboration with Bertolt Meyer, a professor of psychology and himself an upper limb amputee. Meyer, who has worn many prostheses in his life, explained the significance that a stylish and functional prosthetic cover could have for an amputee.

“For me, the look of the prosthesis is as important as its functionality. The way it looks impacts whether people perceive the prosthesis as awkward or interesting, and whether they treat me with pity or with interest,” says Meyer.

“A stylish prosthetic cover gives me the option to turn my prosthesis into a fashion accessory,” he continues. “It’s not only a sign of my self confidence, but it has also given me more confidence.”

UNYQ was founded in 2014 by Eythor Bender and Manuel Boza who set out to offer high quality options for amputees looking to stylize and personalize their prostheses. The small company has been growing and making a name for itself recently, especially with its recent collaboration with Ottobock, one of the leading German companies in limb prostheses. Now, with their recent introduction of 3D printed prosthetic arm covers, we are sure that UNYQ will continue to develop and introduce innovative new products to help the amputee community look and feel good.



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