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One month ago, Netherlands-based industrial 3D printer manufacturer Additive Industries unveiled the MetalFAB1 system, a colossal integrated metal additive manufacturing machine that promised a tenfold increase in terms of reproducibility, productivity and flexibility compared to market alternatives. Now, Airbus APWorks, a 100% subsidiary of the defense and aerospace corporation Airbus Group, has placed an order for the first MetalFAB1 system and embarked on an Additive Industries Beta program to bring their proven metal 3D printing expertise to the promising Dutch startup.

Airbus APWorks is no stranger to advanced manufacturing, and metal 3D printing in particular, catering as they do to customers in robotics, mechanical engineering, automatic, medical technology and of course aerospace who require complex, extremely durable and lightweight components, manufactured with the shortest possible production times and lowest possible costs. The Airbus subsidiary covers the entire value chain, from optimized component design to the choice of suitable materials, prototyping, and qualified serial production. Most recently, the company was involved in 3D printing a bionic partition for the A320 Airbus using a new super-strong, lightweight alloy called scalmalloy and DMSL technology.

It is this experience and expertise that will precisely benefit Additive Industries in further developing their advanced metal materials and manufacturing processes, and in verifying the top-quality performance of the MetalFAB1 system itself. With their modular metal 3D printing technology and integrated information platform, Additive Industries seeks to serve high-end and demanding industrial markets such as aerospace, medical, high tech equipment, tooling and automotive.

As we have seen time and again, due to the ability of 3D printing technology to create more complex parts than what was previously possible with traditional manufacturing, all while utilizing incredibly durable, lightweight, and cost-efficient materials, 3D printing is already a critical, indispensable asset for high end industrial manufacturing markets, and the demand will only continue to grow.

“We are proud to team up with Airbus as our first customer to further develop the process, new materials and applications as well as verifying  the performance of the MetalFAB1 system. Their commitment emphasizes  the potential of our new metal additive manufacturing system for industrial series production of functional parts,” said Daan Kersten, co-founder and CEO of Additive Industries.

“With the integrated MetalFAB1 solution, we believe to be able to simultaneously improve the product consistency and lower the cost price for metal additive manufacturing”, added Joachim Zettler, Managing Director of Airbus APWorks.

While securing Airbus APWorks as their first customer is certainly a major triumph for the Dutch startup, it certainly isn’t the first industry player to show interest and collaboration. Earlier this month, additive manufacturing giant EOS signed a patent license agreement with Additive Industries, entitling the latter to a certain number of EOS patents. “For Additive Industries, as newcomer to the industrial additive manufacturing market, this partnership is an important step on our journey to take 3D metal printing from lab to fab,” said Kersten at that time. “Together we can expand this new production technology from the prototyping domain to the factories of the future.” With Airbus APWorks on their side, that journey is still well on its way to success.



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