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Monsterfil, the UK based company responsible for large-spool 3D printing filaments, has now released a spool holder to facilitate the filament feed into the 3D printer.

The product, called MonsterFeed, comes in two editions, “Lite” and “Pro,” and was designed to allow 3D printers to more easily pull filaments from large-scale spools. The Lite edition of MonsterFeed is described as a universal spool holder, and does not require any electricity or setup as it works on a roller based system. The Pro, for its part, is a motorized spool holder, which features automatic filament release as well as an alert system to notify its user when there is a jam.

Monsterfil’s filament spools, which come in sizes of 2.26kg or 4.54kg compared to most standard spools of 1kg, allow makers to additively manufacture large scale prints without having to interrupt the print to replace filament spools. The difficulty up to this point with large spool filaments, however, has been that standard 3D printers often do not have enough force to pull the filament to rotate such a heavy spool. The MonsterFeed, though it can accommodate all filament sizes, is made specifically to facilitate this process and to help large prints be made without a hitch.

The MonsterFeed Pro, which visually appears similar to the MonsterFeed Lite, is made out of a steel frame and works on a motorized system of aluminium rods mounted on ball bearings, ensuring for a smooth rotation of the spool. As mentioned, the product also has a built in buzzer that goes off whenever there is a problem with the spool or its rotation.

The MonsterFeed Pro can accommodate a spool weighing up to 8kg and itself measures 330mm x 230mm x 66mm, making it a relatively compact object to place on your desk next to your 3D printer.

The London based company also make their own filament, which is made from a PLA mixture manufactured by U.S. bioplastics and polymer manufacturer NatureWorks Ingeo whose products are made exclusively from FDA approved materials. Monsterfil explains, “It is extruded in high flow industrial mono-filament plastic multi extrusion machines ensuring consistency.” The PLA mixture also boasts the inclusion of a softener to smooth the material as well as a lubricant to allow the filament to unravel with ease.

The Monsterfil filament and large scale spools were developed by RoboSavvy Ltd., a distributor of robotics and 3D printing materials, and Filkemp Lda. a manufacturer of polyester and polyamide mono-filaments.

Available on Monsterfil’s website, the MonsterFeed Pro is retailing for £84.00 including VAT and is only currently available with a UK power supply.



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