Jan 19, 2016 | By Alec

Over the past few years 3D printing has become a lot more accessible to the mainstream public, especially thanks to growing online platforms such as MyMiniFactory and Thingiverse that are enabling everyone to take and modify existing designs for their own intentions. Indeed that collaborative character is what is driving the hobby further and further, and it seems as though MyMiniFactory is now ready to take it to the next level. They have just launched the alpha version of WeDesign.Live, a collaborative 3D design platform where truly every step of the creative process can be shared and be open to suggestions and improvements.

The concept itself is pretty cool. If you’re always running into problems with certain portions of the design process, why not outsource them to others while sharing your expertise as well? That is, in a nutshell, what WeDesign.Live is all about. MyMiniFactory, of course, is already known as a platform for accessible 3D printable files. With all the designs free to download and covering just about any subject you can think of, it’s a perfect place for finding some 3D printing inspiration. The MyMiniFactory team is also very focused on the community through, for instance, live streaming services, and this latest 3D design platform thus definitely fits into their plans.

They first started work on this concept about a year ago, focusing on a dream of open source and frictionless collaboration that allows coders and programmers to get everything out of their skills. Initially called the MP5 project, this dream has now been renamed WeDesign.Live – with the emphasis on ‘We’. “Moving away from the ‘I’ time of internet (iTunes) and the ‘you’ decade (YouTube), WeDesign embraces the power of ‘We’: frictionless collaboration for learning, playing and building complex and decentralised organization,” they say.

And as the MyMiniFactory team explains, WeDesign.Live completely revolves around the collaborative experience. “Without installing any software, one is able to design solo, watch others design live, or even collaborate in real time with other designers on the same project. Furthermore, the platform will offer the possibility to generate completely 3D printable files with its open and integrated slicer,” they explain.

WeDesign.Live is, in short, an attempt to make 3D printing more accessible, more fun and more educational. Sohail Siadat, the CTO at WeDesign, was very optimistic about this possibly revolutionary platform. “Life is a journey from I to We. I’m proud to be building a platform that will help millions of creative people collaborate and realise their dreams in 3D – together,” he said.

WeDesign.Live is currently in its alpha testing stage, and they are in need of alpha testers to help fix and improve the platform for release. If all goes according to plan, an open beta will follow in March 2016.



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Mark Price wrote at 1/19/2016 7:17:25 PM:

How can this be the "first ever collaborative design 3D modeling platform" when clara.io, onshape.com and lagoa.com already do the same things and have 100k+ users?

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