Jan 22, 2016 | By Kira

Japanese chemicals and plastics manufacturer Toray Group has developed one of the first PPS (polyphenylene sulfide) resin particles specially-designed for powder bed fusion 3D printing, and will begin marketing its new product, called Toremiru PPS (トレミル®PPS), to the automotive, aerospace, industrial and medical machinery industries in February 2016. 

PPS is a high-performance engineering plastic that is known for its excellent properties, including high heat resistance, mechanical strength, flame retardation, superb fluidity and extremely high chemical resistance—in fact, PPS is insoluble in any known solvent under 200°C. PPS can also be molded, extruded or machined to high tolerances. Because of these desirable properties, PPS resins are often sought out in the manufacturing of automotive electric components, electrical devices, office automation equipment, and housing-related parts.

Toray, a Tokyo-based integrated chemical industry group that fuses nanotechnology, organic synthetic chemistry, polymer chemistry and biotechnology, already offers a PPS resin compound, the high-performance and high-heat-resistant engineering thermoplastic TORELINA. However, seeking to expand the applications for PPS Resins even further, the company has now successfully developed and now launched the first PPS resin particles specifically designed for industrial powder bed fusion additive manufacturing.

Based on TORELINA, Toremiru PPS enables industrial DDM (direct digital manufacturing) through powder bed fusion 3D printing, whereby a laser or electron beam is used to fuse powder materials together, layer by layer, resulting in 3D objects that do not require support structures. Furthermore, Toray’s Toremiru PPS 3D printing resin offers high strength, comparable to traditional nylon resin.

Aspect, a Japanese 3D printing company, has already announced that it plans to use Treadmill PPS on a special industrial high-heat-resistant 3D printer it is currently developing.

“The newly developed Toremiru PPS offers high heat resistance, high chemical resistance, and can be used in DDM (direct digital manufacturing), providing a high level of strength within a wide range of applications such as automotive, aerospace, industrial and medical,” said the company.

Toray Group is a comprehensive PPS manufacturer, offering PPS not only as compounds, but also as films, fibres, and now as a 3D printing resin. In 2013, the company announced plans to establish a new plant in South Korea dedicated to producing its TORELINA PPS resin, which is set to open in Spring 2016. The new plant will have the capacity to produce 8,600 tons annually, boosting Toray’s annual production capacity of PPS resin to 27,600 tons together with its Tokai Plant, and solidifying its place as a leading global manufacturers of PPS resins. In addition to PPS materials, Toray's product lineup includes ABS, Nylon and PLA resins, as well as a carbon fibre reinforced thermoplastic, among others.



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