Jan 23, 2016 | By Tess

3D printing technologies are making a big splash at this years Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Berlin, though not on the catwalk as you might expect. That is to say, reputable German fashion designer Michael Michalsky, founder of the high fashion label MICHALSKY, has put together an exhibit which showcases his couture being worn by miniature 3D printed mannequins.

The 3D printed dolls, more accurately called Pandoras or “poupées de mode”, measure only a foot in height and are reminiscent of the 17th century miniature fashion mannequins that couturiers and fashion designers traveled around with to display and sell their designs to various royal courts and clients around the world.

The exhibit, called Reality and which features 15 of the 3D printed, quite life-like, dolls each wearing one of Michalsky’s most recent designs, is being held at the Anna Jill Lüpertz Gallery in Berlin and will be exhibited until the 29th of January.

Michalsky, who is perhaps still best known for his major stint working as Adidas’ Worldwide Creative Director from 1995-2006, has since started his own label “MICHALSKY” under which he has undertaken some remarkable and innovative fashion projects, ranging from high fashion design, to corporate fashion, to interior design.

Notably, the designer has also gotten involved in the 3D printing industry in significant ways, as in November of last year it was announced that he was taking on the role of creative expert at Düsseldorf based 3D printing tech company, DOOB GROUP AG, which specializes in 3D scanning and the manufacturing of 3D printed selfie figurines called "DOOBs".

“Printing in 3D is a future technology, which already has influences fashion and will carry weight more and more in future. This is what fascinates me and I’m really excited about working together. I love and accept the challenge to merge technology with innovation and design and to relaunch the company’s optical appearance in public,” said Michalsky of his collaboration with DOOG.

It is exciting to see a designer as reputable and recognized as Michalsky bring 3D printing technologies to the fore of the Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Berlin, especially as he is doing so in such a subtle and quite literally small way.

In previous years, Michalsky has provided Berlin Fashion Week with its big red carpet opening and events, collaborating with such mega stars as Lady Gaga and Marina and the Diamonds. Though this year will be marked by a physical absence from Michalsky, presumably because he will be filming Germany’s Next Top Model, his 3D printed miniature mannequins, which include one of himself, will stand in for him and showcase his talent and vision for 3D printing in the fashion world.



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