Feb 1, 2016 | By Benedict

Open RC has partnered with Canadian 3D printing firm Pinshape and the Swedish ZYYX+ 3D Printers to host the inaugural Open RC Accessory Design Contest. The contest encourages makers to produce 3D printed spoilers, tires, and other components which will fit into the Open RC design.

Although (real) car manufacturers are quick to tell the media each time they use a 3D printer to produce a component, these 3D printed parts are usually of lesser significance—seat interiors, dashboard parts, and the like. RC cars, on the other hand, are ripe for getting the 3D printing treatment from head to toe. Exteriors, tires, and even engines of RC cars can benefit from 3D printing. After all, the 11th fastest RC car on the planet, which is only getting faster, is made from almost entirely 3D printed components.

Nobody recognizes the potential of 3D printed RC car components more than Open RC, led by founder Daniel Noree, who has established the Open RC Accessory Design contest to encourage makers to produce functional, speed-maximizing 3D printed parts. “The Open RC community is all about innovation and constantly experimenting to improve the Open RC design,” Noree explained. “I hope this contest will inspire more people to get involved in 3D printing, the maker community, and of course the Open RC Community.”

The competition should inspire makers and RC enthusiasts to put their foot on the gas and get printing, not only for the creative experience, but for the impressive prizes on offer for winners. The competition’s top prizes include the most recent ZYYX+ 3D Printer ($2077 USD) and a 3D printed Open RC F1 car, complete with an electronics kit from Hobby King. Open RC suggests building spoilers, a driver, tires or a Go-Pro mount, but all ideas are welcome and will be evaluated with equal attention.

Lucas Matheson, CEO of Pinshape, had this to say about the exciting 3D printing contest: “We are very proud to have such a strong RC community on Pinshape and we want to host a contest that supports the creativity behind this awesome project. I’m very excited to see what different accessories designers come up with.”

Mats Moosberg, CEO of MagicFirm Europe, Creator of ZYYX+ 3D Printer, also expressed excitement about the competition: “Even though the 3D printer scene in Sweden is growing, ZYYX+ is the only Swedish desktop 3D printer, so Daniel and I got to talking about how we can put Sweden more clearly on the 3D printing map. Eventually, the idea of an Open RC contest formed.

“I am very excited to see what designers will come up with! The OpenRC initiative is a really wonderful example of what creative people can do with a 3D Printer and I love the fact that ZYYX is a part of this, both as a tool used in the work process as well as an official sponsor. Good luck to all the contestants!”

Think you’ve got what it takes to take the Open RC design to the next level? Think you can turn a Ford into a Ferrari with a single 3D printed accessory? The contest is open from February 1 until March 15, 2016.



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