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In today’s global economy, it’s no surprise that advancements in 3D printing technology are springing up in every corner of the world on a regular basis. So while 3D printing may have been invented in the United States, some of the best desktop machines originate in Europe, Israel is home to one of the largest production grade divisions around and Chinese companies have made inroads into just about every facet of the 3D printer landscape. So it’s no wonder that Seoul, Korea based Sentrol made waves at Tokyo’s 3D Printing 2016 Conference with their SS600 sand-casting SLS 3D printer.

While 3D printing using sand as its core material isn’t new, the SS600 is the first showing of its kind and scale by a Korea based manufacturer at a conference of this size (with over 50,000 in expected attendance). Beyond 3D printing, the annual show also has exhibitors that deal with laser processing equipment, CT, as well as 3D visualization, and VR technology.

As with other industrial grade manufacturers of this sort (ExOne comes to mind), they’re not likely to sell any of their machines in the thousands (or even hundreds) any time soon but the company has already had international success with this, and earlier 3D printing systems. This said, they do suggest they already have an order in for their new SS600 3D printer and have completed shipments of their smaller sand-based units (SS150 and SS500) to schools and research institutions in Japan, Germany and the United States.

To round out the booth at this year’s 3D Printing event, Sentrol also exhibited the SM250, a metal 3D printer that focuses on medical devices, transportation equipment, generator parts and aerospace. So It definitely seems as though Sentro is trying to build a name for itself with its industrial scale 3D printers. CTO Joo Seung-hwan suggested that they "should be popular in developing new technologies for international 3D printing fairs with further product diversification," and that "in the future we plan to create a foothold and to have early stage support in sales in the Japanese market."

From a technical perspective, the SS600 uses Selective Laser Sintering (SLS) to bond the material together between 200/400 micron layer heights by irradiating the sand, in a controlled manner, one layer at a time. It can 3D print up to 600x400x400mm and focuses creating castings for the aerospace, defence markets.

Sentrol may be a new company to you but they’ve been working on the development of 3D printing technology since 2010 and hold patents surrounding their 3D printing processes. This being said, their first client delivery of their SS150 3D printer to Hanyang University didn’t take place until February 2015.

The development of 3D printing technology on a global level in a wide range of formats is great news when considering the future of the technology. Sentrol impressed at the conference and that might be just the push they needed to break into further markets allowing them to showcase their 3D sand based SLS 3D printer further.



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