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We all have to start somewhere. 3D printing is a very cool hobby that tends to impress everyone that gets into contact with it, but where do you begin? Aside from serious financial investments, you need to get to grips with 3D modeling – which tends to be the biggest obstacle for 3D printing in general. However, there are a few free and quality entry-level options available, of which 3D Slash is certainly one of the most impressive. Released in early 2015, it also proved popular enough to release a second edition: 3D Slash 2.0, with more and easily understandable design options.

For those of you who missed 3D Slash the first time around, it’s a 3D modeling platform with an eye on 3D printing, developed by the Paris-based startup of the same name. Developed by French Designer Sylvain Huet, it was inspired by popular video game Minecraft to be one of the easiest and most user-friendly platforms to get started with 3D design and 3D printing. In a nutshell, it’s a software solution that is designed specifically for non-designers of all ages and skill levels, in order to introduce 3D modeling concepts in a fun, easy-to-use fashion.

In short, it has all the ingredients for success, and that is exactly what happened. Since early 2015, more than 70,000 designs were made on 3D Slash, while even more were realized through a series of partnerships with prominent businesses, including AstroPrint, YouMagine or La Poste. Back in November 2015, 3D Slash even announced a collaboration with Pi-Top and the Raspberry Pi.

But as Sylvain Huet explains, it was time for a new release that really takes 3D Slash to the next level. “Our vision behind 3D Slash was to develop a tool that enables anyone to create or interact with 3D objects, in the same spirit of accessibility as tools like Windows PowerPoint. We believe this mission is fulfilled with this new version of 3D Slash! With fast-developing technologies relying on 3D content, such as 3D printing, augmented reality and virtual reality, our tool will prove invaluable to a growing number of users,” Huet explains.

So what’s new in this latest version, that has just been released? Huet calls it the best 3D Slash experience ever, in part through the adoption of more difficult design tools. All the options formerly listed under ‘expert’ have now been integrated into the main tool menu, enabling users to easier interact with their models (Copy-paste, move, resize, flip, color manipulation options are now very simple), while tasks such as importing rounded shapes or external files (.stl or .obj) is available too. And all of that is packaged in the classic 3D Slash look and signature, complete with fun animations.

With these additions, 3D Slash should truly be suitable for use in a variety of sectors, including in schools and by hobbyists (and even some professional users). Huet argues it’s perfect for Scale modeling, design-thinking, prototyping, design of logos, keychains, text plaques or other marketing items. And if you’re thinking about teaching your kids the basics of design, or are a science teacher, 3D Slash’s fun approach relies heavily on animations, making it perfect for use in STEM classes. What’s more, a set of comprehensive tutorials (that can be found below) make the new version very easy to try. 3D Slash is now available here, with a downloadable version for all operating systems also available.



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